Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strength through Joy

“O thou mighty light and burning flame of comfort!, that unveilest the glory of
Satan to the center of the Earth; in whom the great secrets of truth have their
abiding; that is called in thy kingdom: "strength through joy", and is not to be
measured. Be thou a window of comfort unto me. Move therefore, and appear!
Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me, for I am the same!,
the true worshipper of the highest and ineffable King of Hell!”

"Strength Through Joy (German: "Kraft durch Freude" [KdF]), was a large
state-controlled leisure organization in Third Reich, a part of the German
Labour Front (Deutschen Arbeitsfront [DAF]), the National German labour
From 1933 it provided affordable leisure activities such as concerts, day-trips
and holidays as in Prora. Large ships, such as the Wilhelm Gustloff, were built
specially for KdF cruises.
The KdF also set up production of an affordable car, the KdF-Wagen, later
called VW Beetle. A new town was built for the production and for housing the
workers, KdF-Stadt, now called Wolfsburg. KdF organized a special saving
scheme to allow ordinary workers the luxury of a car. However, due to the start
of World War II very little of this was realised and both the factory and the rest
of KdF became focused on supporting the war efforts."

The above excerpt was taken from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia:


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