Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nazism & Satanism: Clearing Up Misconceptions

There is this Jewish tool called “Christian Identity.” Like other Jewish
programs such as the Christian religion, this element takes hold readily and
firmly in the minds of those with lesser intelligence. The ADL further plays the
game of creating mock enemies and wars to confuse those who have already
fallen for this shit. Aryan Nations and other organizations who are either
cooperating and working with the ADL or just plain stupid and taken in by
their Jesus scam are given plenty of publicity and notoriety on the ADL and
other Jewish websites, documentaries, books and so forth. What this does, it
reinforces the lies, and draws more vulnerable people to these organizations
who preach Christianity, advocate “going underground” or heading for the hills
to hide out in some commune.
Ok, for those with double digit IQ’s who fall for this Jewish strategy which is
very clever, “going underground” accomplishes much in damning not only
ourselves, but our entire agenda and race. First off, people who go underground
are doing a great service for and are a terrific help to the Jews and their agenda.
Underground is not being seen or heard from. They hide. This greatly helps the
Jewish press and media. They can dictate any fucking thing they please about
Nazism, Satanism; anything Gentile, and they have no competition whatsoever.
The Catholic Church, after mass murdering millions upon millions of innocent
human beings, mostly of whom were white, freely force fed lies for centuries
with no confrontation or opposition whatsoever. Not seen, not heard, and the
enemy openly advances without being impeded in any way.
Heading for the hills and hiding out in a commune such as the now defunct
Aryan Nations is also a great help. Any buzzard-brained idiot who thinks the
Jews and ZOG doesn’t keep tabs on these places has their head up their ass!
That’s right. Run for the hills, hide out, stockpile arms, and a huge cache of
weapons, and wait for the big race war and let ‘er rip.
I don’t think so.
Again, these people are taken in on another scam. Big Brother knows exactly
where they are, their approximate strength and number, and given their
vulnerability, most of these places have their Jewish infiltrators. Wait it out,
they know where they are and when the time comes, the national guard or
whatever can march right in, gas them out and kill them all while everyone in
the cities- where these people should be, are being destroyed because they do
not know what is really happening and those who have an idea are hiding in the
Our people who are dedicated should be educating our race about what is going
on and organizing them, not hiding under a rock or dug out in the hills!!
Keeping our people small in numbers, advocating us being not heard from or
seen and this helps the enemy more than anyone could imagine.
Another thing I would like to mention is again based upon a lower level of
intelligence. Many of these deluded Christian identity fools do not have the
intelligence to discern why the jews are working to destroy Christianity and so
are Satanists. There is this problem on most legitimate IQ tests of being able to
discern this sort of situation. Christianity is and always has been a Jewish tool
for both total control and to remove spiritual/occult knowledge from the
Gentile populace. The Jews themselves know “Jesus” is a lie and a fictitious
character for the ‘goyim.’ Christianity is a stepping off point for Jewish
communism. See “Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins
For those who still cannot get this- Christianity, because it is not only a lie, but
also a stupid one at that, leads to atheism. True atheism is belief only in the
material world with removal of all spiritual/occult knowledge. This knowledge
is then kept in the hands of the Jews so they have total control and they
themselves as a collective whole, especially at the top become “God.” The
bible with the fictitious Jewish nazarene and all the fictitious Jewish patriarchs
and heroes is a very powerful subliminal tool in priming suseptible Gentiles
into accepting Jewish masters.
Here is an analogy- take an individual who has two enemies who wish to
destroy him. Just because both wish to destroy him does not in any way make
them friends, allies, or working in collusion.
It is obvious why Satan wants the Christian religion destroyed. To sum it all
up- yes, both Satanists and Jews work for the destruction of Christianity, BUT
AGENDAS! Satanists want it gone because it is not only a LIE, but a
blasphemy to our True Creator and is a mass murdering machine which is an
extreme detriment to humanity. The Jews want it gone because it has pretty
much done its job by removing all occult knowledge, which is their power, and
they wish to insitute communism. The majority of Gentiles now are without
spiritual knowledge and powerless. These are two totally and opposite agendas
which have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Unfortunately, those
who have a low level of intelligence cannot get this.
How many of our NS brethren have been the target of Jewish black magick?
This is and has been one of the reasons why the Jews have been so overconfident
and in control for as long as they have. They throw a curse and those
who do not have this knowledge or power are defenseless against it. Many NS
brothers and sisters have been assassinated such as George Lincoln Rockwell;
have wound up serving hard time in prison over false charges such as Dr. Matt
Hale and there are thousands more. The only thing the Jews really feared was
the Third Reich of whom the top leaders were all Satanists. I also might add,
the top Nazi leaders all had genius (above 135) IQ's That’s right.
Again, for the double digit IQ’s and lazy assholes who spout off at the mouth
about what they know nothing of and try to convince others as if it were fact
and aid the enemy, I can tell you-
Those of us with higher intelligence take the time to study, do our own
research, and read. For some people, reading and studying the Hitler Youth
the SS is beyond their personal capabilities. I know how painstaking it can be
for some to turn off the Jew tube and take about an hour or so to read anything
of value. “The SS Family” is blatant proof of how the Third Reich was working
towards abolishing Christianity and returning to our original Pagan ways.
Now, as most of us know, “Satanism” is a collective label for all of the original
Pagan (Pagan means Gentile) religions before the coming of
Judeo/Christianity, which stole from and corrupted the stolen doctrines of these
religions to conform to the Jewish agenda. For this- see Exposing Christianity
Now, for those still too stupid and ignorant to see the light, the actions in Nazi
Germany speak volumes. Much of this can even be seen on your Jew-tube, or
on U-Tube here on the internet in video clips and documentaries. The swastika
for one is a powerful occult symbol. The red, white, and black are colors of
Satan which go all the way back to Ancient Egypt. All of the Nazi symbols
such as the runic SS lightning bolts are of Satan. (See Satanic Symbols)
Now, as for the sex hang-ups some people still have- contrary to what some of
you still hold onto in trying to convince yourselves and this is also supported
by JEWISH programs intended to delude those of lesser intelligence into
believing Nazi Germany had strict sexual mores, this is absolutely NOT true.
The SS had their own brothels all over the place. That’s right. For those of you
who are too stupid to know what a brothel is- it is a house of prostitution.
Prostitution was legal in Nazi Germany. Now, there is no way any sane person
could call this regime “Christian.” In addition, there were also places where SS
men and women and those of pure German bloodlines would meet to have sex
and have babies. There were hundreds of German babies born out of wedlock
in the Third Reich. This was also considered an honor. This is quite the
contrary of having to have a piece of paper in order to have sex and children.
Pagan bonfires were also a constant component of Nazi rallies.
The Jews who have an average IQ of 135, which is borderline genius are
obviously not stupid. They call themselves “people of the book.”
I remember when I was at a mandatory Mensa orientation meeting, it took
place at the home of this Jewish couple and I was only one of three Gentiles out
of some 30-40 people there. The entire room was chock full of Jews. They have
been working overtime trying to divide and conquer our people any way they
can. The fewer our people are in numbers, the less the Jews have to worry
about. They work to keep us all in small unorganized splinter groups, who
engage in petty infighting enough to stop us from doing anything serious or
major. A traitor/infiltrator knows how to create the right kind of arguments and
confusion to hinder any decision-making, enough so nothing of any importance
ever gets done.
Those who adhere to the Jewish promoted invention of Christian identity are a
serious threat to the advancement of National Socialism. They must either be
re-educated or booted the fuck out. Christianity, regardless of the form it takes
is Jewish. The patriarchs are all Jewish, everyone of importance in this foul
program is Jewish and is held up to high esteem. This lethal genocidal trash is
drummed into the minds of Gentiles from childhood and there is NOTHING
serious conflict either consciously and/or subconsciously within the mind of
whoever is stupid enough to adhere to this foul kosher program. This conflict is
heavily on the side of serving Jewish masters and the Jews themselves know
this. Anyways, who needs idiots?


  1. thanks, please keep writing. I've bedn fighting these forces all my life and believe it or not besides Nietzsche and some Eastern masters of martial arts, you make sense. I want to fully deprogram myself from any jewish or christian program still residing in my body and become a warrior who can defend life human dignity against these forces efectively.

  2. You seem to be calling everyone stupid who doesn't have your enlightened vision and who does not believe what you believe. That makes me suspicious of your motives containing those specious metaphysics that lack the cohesion necessary to be anything but false; that is, in your jumbled conveyance of " one liners" which may be attractive to the ignorant but entirely unconvincing to one who has read the book and then thrown it away.