Tuesday, November 15, 2011

National Socialism, Satanism, 666 and the Black Sun

The National Socialist Swastika is the reversal of the Ancient Sanskrit

Most things in Satanism are backwards. The swastika is an
important solar symbol. The sun signifies the procession of the
equinoxes and the synodic vernal point of the Zodiac eons of time.
"666" is the kabbalistic square of the sun.

"When the various völkisch and German cultural societies began adopting the
hakenkreuz as their emblem, then, they were just as conscious of its anti-
Christian potential as they were of their own anti-Semetic intent. This was not
Paganism as a pure, Earth-Mother-worshipping cult (such as the modern Wicca
phenomenon) but paganism as a movement set up in opposition to Judeo-
Christianity as well as to Communism, Capitalism, and Democracy, which
were all creatures of the Jewish-Masonic conspiracy."¹
The reverse swastika of the Nazis represents the "Black Sun" as it is
backwards. The Black Sun is of the void. It is a blackhole where all light is
drawn in and nothing escapes. The black sun is Plutonian in concept
(astrologically) and represents the necessary death and transformation before
new life can occur. Those of us who have meditated on the symbol of the black
sun have seen the lightening bolts eminating from the center as in the National
Socialist symbol above. This is the void of creation as when the blackhole can
absorb no more into the vaccuum, it implodes like an atom bomb and this is
where the "Big Bang" of creation originates.
The red and black of the swastika are the colors of Satan. The SS wore black
uniforms, with the death's head skull and nearly all of their insignia were in
silver- the metal of Satan. The lightening bolt is another Satanic symbol used
by the Nazis (The SS Runes).
It is also a coincidence that Satan and his Demons have revealed to many
disciples that they are from the constellation of Orion. The Neo-Nazis have
been using the slogan O.R.I.O.N. (Our Race Is Our Nation) for a long, long
time. Orion is seen throughout Egypt in the alignment of the pyramids to the
stances of Thoth. Egypt is synonymous with Satan. The entire Third Reich was
based on Satanic principles. The survival of the strongest and a return to natural
law. The Third Reich was the first serious enemy of xianity in centuries and
was a paragon of Satanic government. The Assyrians were known as the
"Ancient Nazis."
"The serpent refers to an ancient symbol of Germanic belief. At the battle of
Hastings the flag of the Saxons shows a golden serpent on a blue field. The
motifs which we find throughout the völkisch and occult impulses in Nazism:
that the serpent, which represents Satan to Christians, was considered a sacred
symbol for the Aryans.²
The virgin bitch is always seen stepping on a serpent. Stepping on adversaries
is an ancient Jewish practice as with the feast of Purim where they tread on
Haman. Link
The Jews have turned everything of Gentile culture into the epitome of "evil."
The color black has become synonymous with "evil" but quite the contrary is
true. In Norse culture, before the invasion of xianity, the color black
represented new beginnings. Black is the container of light as the God
Beelzebub said "Darkness is light turned inside out."
Our Pagan roots and heritage were labeled as "Satanism" by the Jews. "Satan"
is actually a Hebrew word for "adversary" and nothing more. Everything
connected with Gentile and especially Aryan culture was branded "evil" and
our people were reduced to "sinners" and born into "original sin" which in its
basis makes it a crime to even be born. This is exactly how the Jews have felt
about Gentile, especially Aryan peoples, as they have been relentlessly working
to destroy us for centuries. The essence of Paganism is Satanism. What passes
today for Paganism is a joke and a watered down version placating Jewish
dogma. Wicca has so many Judeo/Xian overtones it isn't even funny.

¹ Unholy Alliance, a History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult, Second
Edition, ©2003

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