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Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler was the Grand Master of a coven of 12 SS men. He was the
13th member. He conducted numerous black magick rituals at Wewelsburg
Castle. These rituals were conducted in the utmost secrecy. They included
necromancy (communication with the dead). Wewelsburg had many powerful
Satanic symbols. In 1945, under orders from Himmler, Wewelsburg was blown
up to keep it from the invading armies. Some of the castle survived and much
has been restored. The symbol of the Black Sun is seen in many places and one
room is designed much like Stonehenge. True Paganism which is synonymous
with Satanism is known for its emphasis on the Sun (666).

Note the eight sided Chandelier
which corresponds to the Star of
Isis (Astaroth). The symbol of the
Black Sun is on the floor and the
windows are aligned like

The above is an image of
Stonehenge reconstructed

"Himmler and his inner circle of Twelve Gruppenf├╝hrers would engage in
mystic communication with the dead Teutons and perform other spiritual
exercises. Secrecy was the key element in the SS and most especially at
"Foreign Intelligence Chief Walter Schellenburg observed Himmler:
"I happened to come into the room by accident and to see these twelve SS
leaders sitting in a circle, all sunk in deep and silent contemplation, was indeed
a remarkable sight." ¹
Himmler worked diligently to destroy xianity within the Reich. He fully
understood the nefarious program of xianity and how it was a most powerful
tool created by the jews for the enslavement humanity and the destruction of
Aryan peoples. Jews have a long history of working to destroy their enemies
from the inside. This is done mostly by their infiltration or the infiltration of
gentiles in their employ. Book after book has been written about the Nazis
being xian. Nothing could be further from the truth. The many rune symbols,
most notably the SS and swastika speak for themselves. Hitler played the
Vatican. (There will be more on this in the section on him which is now under
Himmler on Christian marriage, 3rd May, 1943:
“Marriage as it is today is the evil work of the Catholic Church. Regarded
dispassionately and without prejudice, our present marriage laws are absolutely
immoral. The marriage laws of today, presumably designed to protect the
family, in fact led to a decrease in the size of families. After the
war…monogamy will cease to be enforced upon promiscuous mankind. The
SS and the heroes of this war will have special privileges. They will
immediately have the right to take a second wife, who shall be considered to be
as legitimate as the first. The permission to have two wives will be a mark of
SS Officer Otto Rahn SS-Obersturmf├╝hrer wrote a book, titled "Luzifer's
Hofgesind" "Lucifer's Court Servants." He spoke before a large audience on
January 9th, 1938 at the Dietrich-Eckart Haus in Dortmund, Germany. "Rahn
set a new limit to the spirit tied to the Romans, to the belief in a life after death,
and the fear of hell;" he rejected Yahweh and the Jewish teachings, and
professed "Luzifer's Hofgesind" in whose name Kurt Eggers closed the evening
with the following greeting: "Lucifer, who has been done wrong to, greets
Here is an excerpt from Luzifer's Hofgesind: "There is much more [light] than
in the houses of God—cathedrals and churches—where Lucifer neither is able
nor wishes to enter due to all the somber, stained glass windows wherein are
painted the Jewish prophets, apostles, and saints. The Forest, that, that was
"Lucifer’s Servants is at least partly a genuine Nazi propaganda tract and
several passages make a good case for the worship of Lucifer. Indeed, this idea
of Lucifer as a benign or divine being was familiar and congenial to the “white
light” Theosophists of the 1920’s who, after all entitled one of their official
German publications Lucifer."
"For Rahn, the Grail was an emblem set up in opposition to the established
Church—indeed, was a Luciferian symbol—and for this the Nazis were
grateful." "…the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness. Light in this
case was represented by—not Jesus or Jehova— but by another spirit, the
“Light-Bearer.” To Rahn, this Entity represented the highest good. To Rahn,
the Nazi Reich in general—and the SS in particular—became servitors of an
ancient pagan cult whose God was known to the medieval Christians not as
Jesus but as Lucifer." "…and having established that they celebrated—as the
numerous examples have proved—the marvels of the Crown of Lucifer, it is
permitted to believe that they had faith in the existence of a Luciferian crown
of eternal life. And if we follow this thought to its logical conclusion, we will
say that, for them, the God of Love was none other than Lucifer in person.
The God Amor is the God of Spring, as is Apollon. Apollon brought back the
light of the Sun: he is a light-bearer, or “Lucifer.” According to the Apocalypse
of John, Apollyo-Apollon was equated with the Devil, and according to the
belief of the Roman Church…Lucifer is Satan." ³(Entire paragraph)
SS men were strongly discouraged from participating in xian religious
ceremonies of any kind and were actively encouraged to formally break with
the Church. Pagan religious ceremonies took the place of Christian ones.
Winter Solstice ceremonies replaced xmas.4"Starting 1939 the word
“Christmas” was forbidden to appear on any official SS document" and the
Summer Solstice was formally celebrated. These ceremonies were celebrated
the old way with sacred fires, and torch lit processions.
"Weddings and baptisms were replaced by pagan SS rituals and gradually the
entire Christian liturgical rubric was in the process of being replaced by a
completely pagan version. Even the Hitler Youth were not immune.
A so-called “Nazi Primer” published during the war contains many examples
of pagan ideology and anti-Christian sentiment designed for its youthful
An SS officer took the place of an xian priest/minister in presiding over
weddings, baptisms and funerals. A manual titled "The SS Family Procedure
for Conducting Family Celebrations" was issued to every SS man and woman.
Therein contained Pagan celebrations for all eight of the important Pagan
holidays of the year.
"Himmler’s dream was to create, out of the SS, a new religion based on the
pagan elements of what he perceived to be the original, Ur-Aryan religion of
Ancient India and Europe. However, many Germans were devout Christians.
Hitler himself realized this, and knew that he had to play politics with them for
as long as the churches held power and as long as the people felt they owed
spiritual allegiance to the churches and what they represented. In this he was
cynical in his dealings with the Church as he was pragmatic with the
Unbeknownst to many, daily meditation was the requirement of the SS.
""Himmler set up a school of occultism in the Berlin Branch and many of the
leading ranks of the Totenkopf SS, the Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo were
ordered to attend courses in meditation, transcendentalism and magic. It was in
this establishment that Himmler was persuaded to found the Ahnenerbe, the
Nazi Occult Bureau. The Ahnenerbe incorporated the membership of Crowley's
spurious Templar Order, the Vril, and the Thule Gesellschaft into the Black
Order of the SS."7
Temple of Set Founder Michael Aquino visited Wewelsburg several times
during the early 1980's and was very impressed. He performed a ritual in the
North Tower to ressurect the energies of Wewelsburg on the world and incite a
"Satanic renaissance: to jump-start the next phase of human evolution.
Certainly, this theme is to be found all through Nazi writings and speeches
from the very earliest days."8

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