Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Evil Jahova

Few people study the occult to any real depth. Misinformation and confusion
are what most people have. “Satanism” has been applied to many things;
mainly anything that represents the cultural concept of “evil” which is different
in each culture.
On one hand, Pagan practices have been labeled as “Satanic” even though the
xian churches stole and altered them for their own uses. Then, on the other
hand, we have the Grimoires and “Black Books.” In truth, these are *NOT* of
The Jewish “God” Yaweh/Jehova, his angels and his nazarene are used in
works of black magick and forcing Demons to appear. The “Key of Solomon”
is a prime example of a Jewish written grimoire (which nearly all are).
The sorcerer/operator (usually a rabbi or other Jew) in preparation goes through
a preparatory period of fasting, celibacy, prayers to Yaweh/Jehova. When the
operation is performed, (this can include living blood sacrifice of animals or
human beings as dictated in the Old Testament of the bible: “And thou shalt
offer thy burnt offerings, the flesh and the blood, upon the altar of the LORD
thy God: and the blood of thy sacrifices shall be poured out upon the altar of
the LORD thy God, and thou shalt eat the flesh. “-Deuteronomy 12:27) the
operator casts a nine-foot circle and places a triangle off to the side of the
enclosed circle for a Demon to be forced to appear.
At the end of the page are several links to online grimoires for further research
and study.
Here is an excerpt from: Libellus Magicus a nineteenth-century manuscript of
conjurations. The John G. White Collection transcribed and edited by Stephen
J. Zietz Verus Jesuitarum Libellus, or, The True Magical Work of the Jesuits.
Containing Most powerful charges and conjurations for all Evil Spirits of
whatever State-Condition or office they are And a Most powerful and approved
Conjuration of the Spirit Uriel To which is added Cyprians Invocation of
Angels And his Conjuration of the Spirits Guarding hidden treasure - together
with a form for their dismissal. Paris 1508.Passan Anno Adventionis Christi
This is the Black Book used by the Catholic Order of the Jesuits (Society of
I (Name) Servant of God do conjure, cite, and exorcise thee, O Spirit! by the
five most holy wounds of Jesus Christ by his flesh and blood, by his torments
and passion, by his life and death and by the precious drops of blood which he
has shed for the salvation and sanctification of the human race - by his anguish
and distress, and by the most Holy and terrible words - Soter + Choma + Geno
+ Jehovah + Elohim + Rilach [i.e.Velaoch] + Devoch [i.e. Divoch] + Alvoch
+ Alrulam + Stopiel + Zophiel + Jophiel + fabriel + Elophoi [i.e. Elopha] +
Alisomas [i.e. Alesomas] + Difred Mabach [i.e. Malach] + and + by + the
words by which Solomon + Manasses +Agrippa+ and cyprian + called
together the Spirits - and even as Jesus Christ sent from him his spirit - and
delivered it up onto the hands of his heavenly Father - so do I command thee
that thou appearesst without delay, and comest before me, in a most beautiful
affable and human form - and bring to me (out of the Spiritual Abyss (N + + +)
without doing injury to me, without tumult - without thunder - without tempest,
without fear - and without trembling and place before this circle - and this I
command thee by the Deity and humanity of Jesus Christ
To discharge the Spirits
Now I command and charge thee Evil Spirit! that thou shalt bring to me
immediately that which I commanded thee - and shalt depart from the circleabstaining
from all noise - terror - tumult - and ill savour [sic] - which if thou
dost not I will punish thee both in body and in soul - abstaining from all evil to
any creature or thing and depart immediately to the place which the justice of
God hath set apart for you Depart from my sight thou cursed spirit –
This I command thee in the name and virtue, potency and power, of the most
Holy Trinity + Father + and Son + and Holy Spirit + Behold the Cross of Lord
+ fly to the adverse parts + The Lion of the tribe of Judah + of the root of
David conquers + Allelujah + Allelujah + Allelujah + Hasten now bring to me
what I require, and depart from this circle, by the virtue of the name of our
Lord Jesus Christ and by virtue of his words his words [sic] which caused the
Earth to tremble- In his name - and by his power I command thee, that thou
dost immediately, and without delay withdraw thy accursed presence from my
sight - by virtue of the words Messias + Soter + Emmanuel + Zebaot + Adonai
+ Hagios ho + Thess [i.e. Theos] + Ischyros + athanatos + Eleison + hymas
+Tetragrammaton+ our Lord Jesus Christ by that most Holy name I constrain
+ thee, I force + thee I compel + thee and urge, and confine + thee, to the
place to which the justice of God hath sent thee, therefore recede immediately
and continually - neither return hither again unless I do call thee - this I
command by the uncreated Father + by the uncreated Son + by the uncreated
Holy Spirit + Behold the Cross of the Lord! + By the sprinkling of the blood of
Jesus Christ + by the virtue of the Holy Water + by the virtue and power of the
most High + shalt disperse thee thou evil spirit + The word is made flesh and
dwells amongst us + Amen
To clarify things for people who in truth have no idea what real Satanism is-
"Aleister Crowley" was not a Satanist. Satanists do not establish abusive
relationships with Demons who are the Original Pagan Gods, nor do they pray
to "Yaweh/Jehova" or his Nazarene.

Here are links to online grimoires for further research:
The Key of Solomon:
The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage:
Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon:

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