Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christianity: The Program of Genocide

Gentiles and Jews are cosmic enemies. Xianity is a Jewish invention from its
very inception, used to remove and destroy ancient knowledge and replace it
with the anti-life judeo/xian lies designed to destroy our people. Millions of
innocent people have been mass murdered, tortured, and slaughtered at the
hands of xianity. Fratricidal War after fratricidal war has been fought where
Gentile, namely Aryan peoples, butchered each other over xianity. No area on
the globe has suffered the effects of xianity more than that of Europe, where
some 9 million Aryan peoples were systematically mutilated and destroyed,
with Germany being the hardest hit; an act of genocide. The Catholic Church,
unbeknownst to many is and always was controlled by the Jews. Current Pope
John Paul II has a Jewish mother (Katz) and by Jewish law, he is considered a
Jew, even by the orthodox. Most of the Catholic Popes were of Jewish origins.
"Pope John Paul II is of Jewish decent. His mother name was Kaczorowska. . .
the Polonised Jewish name "Katz" . . . As the son of a Jewish mother, Karol
Wojtyla is, according to Jewish custom, a genuine Jew. . ."
(Israel News, September 10, 1992).
Unfortunately, few people know the truth. Those of us who can identify Jews
by their physical features can easily see from the numerous paintings of popes
through the ages, nearly all were Jews. The upper echelon of the Catholic
Church- cardinals, bishops; many are Jews, such as "Count Hans
Kolvenbach"—The Jesuit’s General, the late Bishop "Fulton J. Sheen," the late
Cardinal "Francis Joseph Spellman" who had influence and control over many
politicians. "1964 -At the AJC annual dinner, Francis Cardinal Spellman,
archbishop of NewYork, calls for stronger ties and understanding between the
Jewish and Christian communities."
The Jews have held power throughout the millenia by controlling both sides.
On the one hand, they will rant and rave against the Catholic Church and the
Jesuits and on the other, they clandestinely *control* the Catholic Church from
the inside. This is no different than Israel openly allying with the United States
and supporting democracy and clandestinely working with the communist
nations to establish communism. This tactic is known as "Hegelianism." Most
of the world is deluded as to this.
It is a sad fact Christians continually blame-shift, make excuses and try to
explain away the endless plethora of contradictions, and facts that are contrary
to what they were raised to believe. Many make excuses and say the corruption
is recent; "these days" "the last days" and so forth.
The truth is, the corruption and Jewish control within the Christian Churches
has been a fact from day one. In addition, Jehova and his angels are the true
evil who have been deluding humanity for centuries. "...And he deceiveth all of
the nations of the world." People underestimate true "evil." They cannot see
they have been worshipping the real evil one in their churches for the past 1500
years. "Allah" is another alias of this evil as the same angel "Gabriel" was
involved with Mohammed. One only needs to look to the repression of
humanity. These entities work through Christians and Muslims, and are all of
the Jews. The more devout these Christians and Muslims are, the more damage
they do to humanity, especially in the way of spirituality. Below are excerpts
and just a small sample of the mass murder, torture and destruction of human
life committed by the Christian Church. Many argue in making excuses how
the "Catholic Church" is directly responsible and how their religious sect is so
pristine. These deluded idiots need to read their bible from cover to cover
before speaking of what they do not know. I am not referring to bits and pieces
here and there, I am referring to reading the bible page by page in its entirety
and maybe then, they will see the light.
The Chronicler of Treves reported in 1586 that the entire female
population of two villages was wiped out by inquisitors. Only two
women were left alive.
Basque region of the Pyrenees; 1608, Lawyer Pierre de Lancre was sent
to the region to "root out and destroy those who worshipped Pagan
Gods." Over 600 tortured and murdered.
Witch judge Henri Boguet c. 1550-1619 sent some 600 victims to their
deaths in Burgundy, many of them young children who were
systematically tortured and then burned alive.
Swedish town of Mora, 1669, more than 300 murdered. Among them,
15 children. 36 children between the ages of 9 and 15 were made to run
the gauntlet and were beaten with rods upon their hands once a week for
an entire year. Twenty of the youngest children, all under the age of 9
were whipped on their hands at the church door for 3 Sundays in
succession. Many more were severely beaten for witchcraft offenses.
In Scotland, under the rule of Oliver Cromwell, a total of 120 in a single
month were murdered in 1661. Estimates of the total dead have been as
high as 17,000 between 1563 and 1603.
In Würzburg, Germany, the Chancellor wrote a graphic account in the
year of 1629:
"...there are three hundred children of three or four years, who are said
to have had intercourse with the Devil. I have seen children of seven put
to death, and brave little scholars of ten, twelve, fourteen, and fifteen
years of age..."
Between the years of 1623 and 1633, some 900 "witches" were put to
death throughout Würzburg. This was largely maintained by the Jesuits.
Salzburg, Austria, 1677-1681 over 100 murdered
Our people, our leaders, those with ancient knowledge who preserved our
traditions were wiped out by the xian church. Hundreds of Druid priests were
slaughtered, nature women who were knowledgeable in folklore and herbal
medicine were labeled as “witches” and tortured to death by the Inquisition.
This even extended to our children, many of which were tortured and murdered
by the Inquisition and went to war for the church during the Crusades. This was
to ensure all racial memory and knowledge was eradicated, only to be replaced
with lies to destroy our people.
Human sexuality was labeled as an abomination so this would ensure white
people didn’t have too many babies. The strictly enforced monogamous
marriage instituted by the Catholic Church carried this a step further to cut
down our birth rate, only to reverse its anti-life stance with the arrival of
Protestantism which it perceived as a lethal threat to its world domination, and
began encouraging the breeding of as many Catholics as possible who they
eventually used to kill off non-Catholics. Many “illegitimate” children were
murdered at birth or lived as outcasts. Some were hidden in basements, closets
and attics never seeing the light of day.
Our ancient alphabet of runes, which pre-dates all other known scripts was
nearly wiped out completely, but survived in small areas in the North. In
Iceland alone, anyone caught with runes or knowledge of them faced the death
Our Gentile Gods were defamed, made into hideous Demons where those
under the nefarious spell of xianity have cursed them and brought ridicule upon
them with Halloween, making them into monsters and ghouls to be mocked.
Our Gods have been treated lower than dirt by our own peoples who have had
all knowledge taken from them and forced into xianity for generations.
Knowledge of our ancient traditions has been removed and what remained was
absorbed and altered by the Catholic Church.
With the growing power of xianity, xian fundamentalists are now at last,
working to remove the Yule trees from xmas, the Easter bunny from Easter and
annihilate Halloween celebrations.
By cutting a people off from their heritage, their Gods, their customs, their
culture and replacing it with anti-life destructive lies, this is a giant step to
genocide. Our people have lost their fighting instinct, which is so necessary for
survival. This has been replaced with the anti-life “turn the other cheek”
attitude of the Nazarene, encouraging servitude, victimization, and slavery. The
Old Testament of the judeo/xian bible is replete with story after story of the
destruction and annihilation (genocide) of white gentile peoples at the hands of
the Jews and their “God.” Entire cities and Nations were wiped out into
extinction. The “promised land” is not the small state of Israel, but the entire
Our people are at such a loss to their origins and spirituality; they grope
through the judeo/xian teachings looking for their roots, which have been
twisted beyond recognition. Anything having to do with Ancient Aryan
practices and culture is labeled as “evil” and to be avoided at all costs. So many
are lost and deluded as to their spiritual origins. "Satan" is the Hebrew word for
"advarsary." Anything deemed as a threat to the Jews or their conquest for
world domination is labeled as "Satanic" and "Satanic" has been used as a
synonym for "evil." Various Pagan Gods have been named "Satan," the most
noted of these being the Roman God "Lucifer." Our people are basically lost as
the identities of our Original Gods were destroyed. Ea (Lord of the Earth) who
is our Original Creator God is the real "Satan." He fathered children with earth
women. This is where the blonde haired blue eyed race of humans originated.
Grimoires written and used by Jews to abuse our Gods were foisted off on the
gentile peoples to curse their own Gods, believing them to be hideous monsters
of the lowest level, while their debased "God" and his nefarious angels are
elvated to the highest level. These beings are totally alien to Aryan peoples.
All of this has had the affect of degeneration, degeneration of our souls,
degeneration of our peoples, and degeneration of our society as a whole.
Areas of the world that retained ancient customs memories and knowledge of
the Original Gods were attacked and more mass murder ensued. The Inca and
Aztec empires were destroyed, many monasteries in Tibet were sacked, burnt
and razed to the ground; their priests and lamas systematically tortured by the
communist Chinese.

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