Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins

The following excerpt was taken from "Nature's Eternal Religion" by Ben
Note* Although this article was written for a white audience, Jewish
communism affects all Gentiles [non-jews] regardless of race, and this is
definitely worth a read. Christianity is a preparation for communism, its
doctrines are identical with communist philosophy, and there is nothing
spiritual about it. All occult knowledge and power that would enable Gentiles
to fight back through spiritual warfare [what the Jews have been using against
us for centuries] has been systematically removed. After being forcibly
removed with the Inquisition:
http://www.exposingchristianity.com/Inquisition.html, this power has been in
the hands of the top Jewish rabbis to throw curses, create unimaginable wealth
and power, and to use at will against Gentiles. In other words, as the "YHVH"
aka "Jehova" is in truth the Jewish people:
http://www.666blacksun.com/YHVH.html - they become "God."
Communism is another Jewish brotherhood scam that fools Gentiles into
thinking it is for equality, peace, and better living. Nothing could be further
from the truth. It is a Jewish program of genocide, mass-murder, and slavery
for Gentiles, regardless of color.
Quote from the Jewish Talmud: Nidrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L:
"Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to
be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form,
and condemned to serve the Jew day and night."

Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins from "Nature's Eternal
Religion" by Ben Klassen:
To hear the Kosher Konservatives tell it, a fierce, intensive battle is raging
today between the evil forces of communism and the sacred forces of
Christianity. We are led to believe that it is an all out battle between good and
evil. We are told that these two forces are the very essence of two poles of
opposition — in complete and diametrical conflict. It is a sham battle. The fact
is they are both degenerate products of the collective Jewish mind, designed to
do one and the same thing — to destroy the White Race. If we take a closer
look at these two evil forces that have bedeviled and tormented the minds of
the White Race for all these years, we find that they are not on opposite sides at
We find that they are both on the side of international Jewry, doing the job they
were designed to do, namely: confuse and confound the White Man's
intelligence so that he himself will help the Jew in destroying the White Race.
In comparing the two we find that they are strikingly similar, and not opposites.
In fact, there are so many similarities in the two programs and in the
philosophy of these two creeds that the hand of the same author can easily be
detected. That author is the International Jewish network. They and they alone
wrote both the creed of Christianity and the creed of communism. Both
communism and Christianity preach against materialism. Communism
designates those productive and creative forces of our society to which we owe
in such large part the benefits of a productive White civilization, as
"bourgeois." It then lashes out with unparalleled fury at the bourgeois and tells
us over and over again that they must be destroyed. Instead of giving credit
where credit is due, it slanders and vilifies these constructive and productive
elements, namely the bourgeois or the capitalists, as the ultimate in evil.
Christianity tells us basically the same thing. It tells us that it will be more
difficult for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to
get to heaven. It tells us that we should "sell all thou hast and give it to the
poor," an insidious piece of advice that, if followed, would make us all a pack
of roving bums and beggars. It would most surely cause the breakdown of our
society. Christianity further tells us "lay not up treasures on earth, but lay up
treasures in heaven." Throughout, the implication is clear. Don't accumulate
unto yourself any of the good things in life. If, through hard work, you've
already managed to accumulate some wealth, get rid of it, give it away, give it
to the poor, above all, give it to the Church, they'll take it, with relish. The net
result of this fantastically bad advice, of course, is that it will more easily pass
into the hands of the Jews, who do not subscribe to such foolishness. They
hope to make fools of us, knowing very well the old saying "A fool and his
money are soon parted," is only too true.
The other side of the coin is that the leaders of both Christianity and
communism themselves are fantastically materialistic. When we look at the
Catholic Church on down through the ages, we find that whereas they were
extracting the last mite from the poor widow, the church itself was gathering up
and hoarding gold, silver and precious gems in unbelievable quantities. Not
only was it taking in and gathering all the gold, silver and precious stones that
it could, but it acquired huge amounts of real estate, and the Catholic Church
today is undoubtedly the most fantastically wealthy institution on the face of
the earth. Even through the Dark Ages when poverty was widespread, mostly
because of Christianity itself, we find these huge and fabulously rich
cathedrals, built in the midst of poverty, with gold encrusted altars and apses
and vaults and columns and walls.
The leadership of the Church caused to be built huge and great Basilicas,
Cathedrals, Abbeys, Baptisteries, Mausoleums, Convents, and Churches.
Practically all of these were so lavish and so huge in comparison with the
meager surroundings of the times, that they flamboyantly stood out as the main
repository of all the material wealth — gold, silver and architectural lavishness
— of both their era and their geographical location. The church never has
bothered to explain why it was so necessary to have such lavish wealth on
display to the worshipping faithful, who were told time and again that it was
evil to "lay up treasures." Unto this day, churches are built to be flamboyant,
garish and bizarre. Money seems to be no object.
The Vatican, that citadel of "spiritual" leadership, which also preaches, "lay not
up treasures on earth," does not practice what it preaches. On the contrary, what
it practices is indeed the height of hypocrisy, and the antithesis of spirituality. It
goes all out for laying up treasures on earth. It has amassed unto itself a
portfolio of 5.6 billion dollars in stocks alone, not to mention all of its real
estate, art treasures and other valuables. It enjoys an annual income of 1.5
billion dollars, much of it undoubtedly collected from the "widow's last mite,"
as well as its vast holdings. Next Back Home The United States religious
establishment as a whole is valued at 102 billion dollars. In 1969, of the 17.6
billion dollars United States individuals contributed to charity, 45 percent, or
7.9 billion dollars was earmarked for religious purposes. Pretty materialistic for
a religion that "shuns" earthly treasures and preaches "my kingdom is not of
this world."
Likewise, the communist bosses in Russia, practically all of which are Jews,
have accumulated unto themselves all the riches of the countryside. While the
communist slave laborer is toiling away twelve hours a day and then comes
home to a dingy, dirty, filthy, crowded little apartment shared with other
families, his Jewish bosses have opulent palaces spread all over the
countryside. They drive the best of cars, chauffeur driven, of course, and eat
the best of foods. Not only that, but they have the best of planes at their
disposal to fly wherever they see fit to govern their slave laborers. These
Jewish communist bosses usually also have at their disposal imported clothes
and tailors and a galaxy of servants. When they need a rest from running their
slave empire, they have private villas on the Black Sea or other choice vacation
spots at their beck and call. And so it goes in the Proletarian Worker's Paradise.
Let us pass on to the next similarity. Both communism and Christianity make
extensive use of the weapons of terror, both psychological and real.
Undoubtedly the most ghoulish and vicious concept ever contrived by the
depraved and collective mind of Jewry is the concept of hell. Can you think of
anything more horrible than placing millions of people in confinement in a
superheated torture chamber and then burning them forever and ever without
even the mitigating mercy of allowing them to die?
With this piece of "Good News," and "Joyful Tidings," Christianity set out to
conquer the minds of its superstitious and unreasoning victims. The fact that
such a torture chamber was non-existent did not at all detract from the fact that
it was a real threat to those who were made to believe that it was real. To a
child, for instance, if you tell him that the Boogieman is going to get him, and
he innocently believes you, then the threat is just as real as if a Boogieman
actually existed. And so it is with hell. To those that have become convinced
that it exists, this horrible threat is just as real as if it did exist. However,
Christianity did not stop with using psychological terror alone. Those who
deviated from the official church line were declared as heretics and forthwith
burned at the stake. The idea of using fire in one form or another as a means of
torturing their opponents seems to have obsessed these "loving" Christians'
minds. According to van Braght's famous Martyr's Mirror, some 33,000
Christians were put to death by other so-called Christians by means of burning
at the stake, a grizzly type of revenge. Among my ancestors alone (who were of
the Mennonite faith) some 2,000 martyrs were burned at the stake by these
ever-loving Christians. One outstanding feature about this burning at the stake
business was that they were always White people who were being burned.
Never have I ever heard of a Jew being burned at the stake for not believing
precisely along specified lines of Judaism, even though they did not believe in
Christ at all. Burning at the stake wasn't the only means of torture and death
used by these love-dispensing Christians who were so eager lo spread their
message of love.
During the Inquisition, and other times, all the beastly refinements of torture
that the depraved human mind could devise were used to extort confessions and
whip the unbelievers or heretics into line. The thumb-screw, water-dip, the iron
corset, drawn and quartered, gouging out one's eyes with hot irons, and the rack
(slowly tearing limb from body by means of stretching) were but some of the
devices used by these ever-loving Christians to spread their gospel of Love.
When the communists came along and used physical torture as one of their
instruments of conquest, they had very little left to invent but what the
Christians had already utilized before them. And this is as can be expected,
since it was Jewish fiendishness that designed the means of torture for both.
Nor did the Church hesitate to use wholesale warfare to batter down whole
nations that did not submit to their religious dictation. In fact during the 16th,
17th and 18th century the main causes of war were religious dissentions in
which one religious group sought to force their beliefs on their opposites by
wholesale warfare and slaughter. The communist record of using wholesale
terror, both psychological and physical, is so recent, so widespread and so well
known that we need hardly review it here.
In Russia alone the Jewish communist regime used terror on a scale unknown
before in the annals of history. In order to exterminate the best of the White
Race in Russia, namely the White Russians, the Jews slaughtered some
20,000,000. The terror, the killings, the murders that are going on in Russia
today defy the imagination of the average White Man's mind. In any case, both
communism and Christianity are using, and have used, terror extensively, both
psychological and physical, to subjugate their victims. Whereas the Christians
excelled in psychological terror, the communists excel in physical terror. But in
both cases the Jews were experts in using whatever type of terror best
accomplished their ends. Both communism and Christianity have a book that
presumably lays down the creed of their movement. Christianity has the Jewish
bible which was written by Jews, mostly about Jews, for the purpose of uniting
the Jewish race and for destroying the White Race.
The communist bible is Karl Marx's Das Kapital and the Communist
Manifesto, written by Karl Marx in conjunction with Friedrich Engels, both of
whom were Jews. Both of these Jewish creeds, communism and Christianity,
are highly destructive, and when followed, tear down the fabric of the society
that has fallen victim to them. Christianity teaches the evilness of man, that he
is a no-good, unworthy sinner, that he is born in sin and that his every instinct
is evil. Communism preaches that the productive, creative element of our
society, namely the "bourgeois" as they call them, is rotten and evil, and must
be destroyed. It can be safely said that any sound, healthy society that turned
either to complete Christianity and practiced all of its principles, or any society
that practiced pure communism, would soon destroy itself. Again we want to
vigorously point out that contrary to what these Kosher Konservatives are
always telling us, communism is by no means the same as socialism or
The latter are basic constructive elements of any healthy society, but
communism is an undisguised Jewish slave-labor camp. Since I have gone into
this matter in considerable detail in another chapter, we will not take further
space to review this idea here. Both communism and Christianity preach the
equality of man. Christianity preaches that we are all equal in the eyes of the
Lord, whereas the communists preach that we all must become equal in the
communist society. The latter argue that the only reason we are not equal is
entirely due to environment, and this little quirk of Nature they are going to
correct. By the time they get through processing us all in an equal environment,
they assure us they will have leveled us all down to where we are all equal.
This will only be too true, for the White Race will be leveled down to where
they are all equal to a horde of miserable slaves, whereas every Jew, on the
other hand, will be a king. Not only do both communism and Christianity
preach the equality of the individual, but they also preach the equality of races,
another vicious lie thrown in the face of Nature.
Both creeds have a very tricky dogma that is rather nebulous and confusing, not
to say contradictory, in itself. They both, therefore, have set up a hierarchy that
interprets what the correct dogma of the day is and everyone is to toe the line or
suffer the consequences of an entrenched power structure. Christianity and
communism both have had their schisms. In the case of Christianity, the
followers that differed were called heretics and in the case of communism,
those that stray from the official line are called deviationists. In the case of
Christianity, the Great Schism, of course, was during the Reformation when the
Protestant segment developed and broke away from the Catholic Church. It
then proceeded to split and splinter in a thousand different directions from there
on out, all to the detriment and destruction of the White Race. The first great
split, of course, was when the Byzantine Empire split from the Roman or
Western half.
Among the communists there were a number of schisms such as the
Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks, and a number of other schisms, before the
communists ever came to power. After they did come to power, there were the
Stalinist communists and the Trotskyite communists, the latter being
vigorously pursued and purged from the ranks. Now we presumably have the
Mao wing of the communist party and for a while we had the Tito
deviationists, and so on. In any case, the main idea in Christianity and
communism is the same: On top of a confusing and impossible dogma sits a
tight powerful hierarchy which dictates and interprets what the line of its
followers must be, and terror, death and reprisal are the consequences to those
who dare to think for themselves. It is not at all surprising that the archenemy
of both these Jewish creeds is Adolph Hitler, because he dared to come out
with a healthy, natural social structure that embodied those principles that were
in harmony with the natural laws, and with the healthy instincts for the
preservation of the White Race.
We, therefore, find the Jewish press, the communist press, and Christianity, all
in chorus, denouncing Adolph Hitler, and telling us what a terrible, terrible
man he was. All perpetrate and repeat over and over again the same Jewish lies
about Hitler that the Jews themselves have dreamed up and supplied to their
toadying stooges. The similarities between these creeds go on and on. Both
preach the destruction of the present society. They especially zero in on the
destruction and downgrading of the more creative and productive elements of
society as a whole. Both denounce and vilify the better elements of established
society and rejoice at human failures and weaknesses, thereby claiming to
prove the correctness of their communist-Christian theory.
The Jews, who are the perpetrators of communism, envision the United Nations
headquarters to finally rest in Israel and in particular, in Jerusalem. Christianity
too, continuously keeps talking about Zion, the New Jerusalem, and looks to
Jerusalem as the Holy Land, its origin and spiritual headquarters.
Both of these Jewish creeds consistently follow policies which are disastrous to
the welfare of the White Race. I have already gone into considerably detail
about the catastrophic effects of Christianity on the great White Roman
civilization. I have also pointed out previously that the Jews in communist
Russia killed off 20,000,000 of the best White Russians. However, the
programs and policies of both these creeds extend much further than these two
major catastrophes of history and to point out how disastrous the effects of both
Christianity and communism have been upon the fortunes of the White Race
would require a whole volume in itself. I believe we have scattered throughout
this book a mass of such examples that it is hardly necessary to again repeat
them here. Another similarity that manifests itself in both of these Jewish
creeds is that both have an incurable ability to put forth a profuseness of
verbiage that is extremely vague and beclouded with confusion. Not only is the
verbiage profuse, but incredibly lacking in substance. This is an old Jewish
trick to confuse and confound the minds of their opposition, the latter being
deceived into thinking that all this vast collection of words must have some
higher meaning beyond their comprehension.
To further destroy and beat back the opposition, both creeds have developed to
a high state the art of hurling vicious trigger words and hate words at their
opponents. The Christians developed such hate-trigger words as atheist,
heathen, heretic, apostate, blasphemy, pagan, sinner and anti-Christ. The
communists have developed a whole stable of similar trigger words, and some
of these are Fascist, Nazi, racist, bigot, prejudice, and anti-Semitic. Without
anyone really stopping to analyze what each of these words mean and why they
should be considered as bad, these words have been developed to a high state
of implied evil so that by just merely calling these names, you need not really
debate the issues, but mercilessly strike down your opponents without resorting
to any debate or reasoning whatsoever. If the similarities between Christianity
and communism seem rather striking, there is a very good reason for their
parallel ideology. That reason is, of course, they were both concocted by the
Jewish power structure for the common objective of destroying the White
Race. Unfortunately, up to this point, both their ideologies have been
devastatingly effective. It is partially the purpose of this book and the
Creativity Movement to confront this devastating attack on the mind of the
White Race and expose these twin Jewish ideologies for what they are.
Furthermore, I am firmly convinced, and it is my measured conclusion, that the
Jews could never have foisted modern communism on a long suffering
humanity, had they not First softened up, unhinged and confused the intellect
of the White Race with the fallacious snares of Christianity. It is therefore the
further objective of Creativity to help straighten out the befuddled thinking of
the White Race to where they then can, and will, expunge both of these twin
Jewish scourges from the face of this planet.