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Exposing The Jews: An Example Of How The Jews Play Both Sides

The following article is an excerpt from "The White Man's Bible" by Ben
Klassen. Although the U.S.S.R. no longer exists as a communist state, this
article which was written before the fall of Russian communism is very
USA not fighting communism.
One of the most flagrant and persistent deceptions that has been foisted on the
American people since the Russian revolution of 1917 is that the American
government is desperately but valiantly fighting a losing war “against
communism.” After more than six decades, most American people still believe
this hoax, and remain perpetually confused as to why the United States, rich,
powerful, morally superior to communism, is continually losing.
American Jews Power Center of Communism.
The brutal truth is that the American power establishment— governmental,
financial and propaganda-wise (all dominated by Jews) has not been fighting
communism. The fact is communism is Jewish from its very inception.
Communism is only one of the many powerful tools being utilized in the
Jewish program of taking over the world. Not only has the United States not
been fighting communism as most Americans are duped to believe, but on the
contrary, the United States has been the chief financier, planner and promoter
of communism, not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Without the
financial support and technical aid of the United States, the Jewish-communist
outrage against the Russian people would have fallen flat on its face at its very
inception, and many times over since then. In fact, it would never have been
inaugurated in the first place. Trained and Financed in New York. It is a fact of
history that the final push for the communist take-over of Russia was lavishly
financed and carefully planned by wealthy Jewish capitalists right here in good
old U.S.A. There, on the East Side of New York, Trotsky and 3,000 Jewish cutthroats
were carefully trained to deliver the final coupe-de-grace. The venture
was financed to the tune of 20 million dollars by no less than (Jew) Jacob
Schiff himself of the New York firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., an American
branch of the Rothschild network. When the time came, Trotsky and his trained
Jewish revolutionaries were shipped by boat (in the middle of World War I)
and arrived unhampered in Russia to do their job. Once there they knew exactly
what to do, and when it was all over 30 million White Russians had been
murdered and the Jews were fully in the saddle.
Communism is a Jewish Swindle.
We must remember again and again that communism is nothing more than a
horrible, vicious Jewish program to take over the world, camouflaged with
deceptive “humanitarian” propaganda, as are most other Jewish programs. Paid
by American Taxpayers. The Jewish-Communist-Marxist-Zionist blueprint is
all part and parcel of the same program. It is well financed not only with Jewish
money, but more significantly with taxpayers’ money, of which the American
taxpayer pays the overwhelming brunt. There is no greater source of goods,
wealth and productivity than the working American taxpayer, and the Jewish
potential for looting this tremendous source of productivity seems without
Behind it the whole Jewish Network. The Jewish-Communist-Marxist-Zionist
movement is tremendously powerful. Behind it are all the Jewish power
networks of the world. This includes their vast world-wide propaganda
network— television, newspaper, newswire, magazine, book printing,
education and all the other accouterments that not only influence, but decide
“public opinion.” Behind this Jewish movement also is the powerful
“capitalistic” Federal Reserve System with its unlimited monopoly to print
paper money at no cost to themselves. In short, behind it is “the hidden hand”
of world-wide Jewry.
American Policy Hostile to Tzars.
It is this power establishment that engineered the overthrow of the Romanov
dynasty, a Viking dynasty that had ruled Russia for over three centuries, and
replaced it by an ironfisted Jewish tyranny. In respect to American policy
toward Russia it is interesting that prior to the 1917 revolution, United States
policy was hostile towards Russia (as were the Jews). It enthusiastically
favored Japan in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904- 05, which the Japanese
won. Once the Jews had clamped their vicious ironclad rule on Russia and its
vast resources in 1917, United States foreign policy did a dramatic (but covert)
flip-flop and became anti-Japanese and pro-Russian.
Benevolent after Commie Take-over.
Despite all the propaganda, camouflage and window dressing to the contrary, it
has been strongly pro-Russian (really pro-Jewish) ever since. It was America
who shored up the precarious communist government in the decade of 1920’s
with food and other aid. It was American technical aid that built her dams and
power plants, drilled her oil fields and built her refineries in the 1920’s and
1930’s. When despite all this aid the Russian behemoth was about to collapse
of its own weight and rottenness in the early 1930’s, it was Roosevelt’s official
recognition and extension of financial credits that again saved it from oblivion.
When Hitler’s heroic armies stood at the gates of Leningrad, Moscow and
Stalingrad, again it was American military aid and direct intervention that
saved communist Russia from being wiped off the map.
Before the War was even over, the United States already began shipping vast
quantities of aid, civilian goods— tractors, machinery, food, to the tune of 13
billion dollars. This, again, was all done at the expense of the American
taxpayers, who pay for most of the cost of the Jewish world-wide take over.
Saved by America Again and Again.
Since the end of World War II it was the United States who encouraged and
promoted the Russian-Communist take over in Eastern Europe. In fact, when
Russia nervously hesitated in rolling her tanks into Hungary in that unhappy
country’s revolt in 1956, it was President Eisenhower who specifically sent
Premier Kruschev an encouraging telegram assuring him that the United States
would not lift a finger to aid the Hungarians.
False, Deceptive Front.
This has been the modus operandi of the United States-Russian relations ever
since 1917. Officially the United States puts up a front of being “anticommunist.”
Behind the scenes it has aided, abetted, planned, financed and
promoted communist take-overs throughout the world, whether it was in
countries adjoining Russia in eastern Europe or whether it was in countries
halfway around the world that were temporarily beyond the reach of Russian
America aided Cuban Take-over. A good example of the latter is the
“Communist” takeover of Cuba. Without propaganda aid of the American (read
Jewish) press, Fidel Castro would have died an unknown bum, unheard of, and
unsung. It was the American press, especially the Jewish New York Times that
puffed up Castro as a native hero, as a liberator, as the Abraham Lincoln of
Cuba, the George Washington of the Sierra Maestra, as a non-communist
agrarian reformer, and temporarily sold him to the American people as such. At
the same time our government put secret pressure on the then pro-American
head of the Cuban government, Fulgencio Batista, to leave Cuba. Having been
betrayed by the American government and the skids effectively put under him,
Batista fled the country and Castro walked in with the full support of the
American government and the American (Jewish) press. It was an interesting
study in hypocrisy to see how we slowly “discovered” that Castro was a
communist, a fact well known to the American government and the Jewish
conspiracy, and the basic reason for the revolution in the first place.
Repeated Betrayal of American Interests.
It is not my purpose here in this limited dissertation to review the history of
Jewish betrayal of American interests and communist takeovers throughout the
world. This would literally take a whole encyclopedia to cover. I only want to
point out a few historical events that even the most naive American reader of
the daily news is familiar with. In this regard I want to point the finger at only a
few obvious glaring examples anyone can understand.
Betrayal of China.
One of the most blatant swindles and of greatest world-wide significance was
manipulated by the United States shortly after World War II, and that was the
betrayal of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and the vast multitudes of China.
Chiang Kai-shek had fought the Chinese communists in the early 1920’s and
finally beat them at their game. He assumed control of the Chinese government
in 1926 and was undoubtedly the staunchest anticommunist leader in Asia. He
was strongly pro-American and fought the Japanese on the side of America in
World War II. As soon as this (Jewish) war was over he was treacherously
betrayed by the United States.
Marshall a Communist Stooge.
General George C. Marshall, who had been accorded every honor that could be
bestowed on a military man short of becoming president, was sent to China to
do the hatchet job in November of 1945. Although he was by now 65 years old,
in poor health and ready to retire, he stayed in that miserable country for 14
months, selling out Kai-shek to the communists. That he would make such a
personal sacrifice at his age is an indication of the tight communist discipline
he was under and had been for most of his adult life.
Not possible without American perfidy.
When Marshall left China he had negotiated a “coalition government” between
the Kai-shek Nationalists and the Mao Tse-tung communists, and disarmed the
Nationalist army, which he later bragged he had done “with the stroke of a
pen.” Needless to say, with the Chinese Nationalists disarmed and betrayed by
the United States, Mao Tse-tung and his communist gang of cut-throats soon
drove Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalists from the Chinese mainland. By
1949 Mao was the undisputed communist master of China, the most populous
country in the world. China, with its teeming 800 million people had been
turned over to Jewish-communist control through American treachery. And so
another country succumbed to betrayal, made in the United States of America.
Huge Bloodbaths Followed.
Shortly after the communists took over in China, huge bloodbaths followed. It
is conservatively estimated that at least 60 million Chinese were murdered in
the Mao Tse-tung purge that followed in order to consolidate his brutal regime.
Died a Traitor. General George C. Marshall, having faithfully done his
treacherous duty to his communist masters, died shortly thereafter. A few more
recent examples should suffice to establish the pattern. Let’s look at what has
been going on in the Western hemisphere.
Betrayal of Chile.
By 1970, in Chile an outright communist government had been established,
headed by Salvador Allende. This had been achieved with the help of huge
sums of American “aid,” and especially the connivance of the American C.I.A.
Then in 1974 the unexpected happened. The people of Chile, led by army
officers, revolted, killed Allende and took back their government. Was the
United States government happy at this triumph over communism? On the
contrary, it stopped all aid, cut off credits and has carried on a vicious trade
boycott and propaganda campaign against Chile ever since.
Panama Canal given to Communists.
In 1979 the traitorous United States Senate and executive branch turned over
the American built and owned Panama Canal to a tinhorn communist
government of dope peddlers and thieves headed by General Torrejos. Not only
did they hand it to these criminals free on a silver platter, but they paid them
billions to take this, the most strategic waterway in the world. This despite the
fact that the mail of some senators was running 200 to 1 against this blatant and
treacherous sellout.
Treacherous sell-out in Nicaragua.
While this treacherous sell-out was being promoted to the American people, the
C.I.A. was already busy using Panama as a base to run arms and
revolutionaries into nearby Nicaragua and instigate revolution. Here again our
perfidious American government ran true to form. Whereas the Somoza family,
which had ruled Nicaragua for more than 40 years was strongly pro-American
and anti-communist, the same year as we gave away the Panama Canal,
Anastosia Somoza was blatantly betrayed and sold down the river. With C.I.A.
organization, money and arms, the country was thrown into utter chaos and
turmoil, and finally with the United States telling Somoza to get out, he, too,
fled the country. The communist “Sandinistas” took over and another anticommunist
country was betrayed and turned over to the communist behemoth
with the help of democratic, “anti-communist” United States of America.
* * * * *
C.I.A. plays Vital Role.
At this point it would be useful to point out the tremendous importance of the
Central Intelligence Agency in most of the Communist takeovers. During
World War II the Office of Strategic Services was organized as a super
intelligence agency coordinating and superseding the different United States
military intelligence agencies. It was heavily staffed with Jews, and was in
reality a supra world-wide Jewish secret police. Like its Russian counterpart,
the Cheka, the O.G.P.U., the N.K.V.D., the K.G.B. and various other name
changes in between, so, too, the name of the O.S.S. was changed to the C.I.A.
But essentially its character and purpose remained unchanged— it remained
(and is today) a world-wide secret police and spy network in the employ of
world-wide Jewry, with the American taxpayer again footing the bill.
Not only is the C.I.A. a spy network, but it also acts as a powerful army of
intrigue and deception, a strong-arm that not only spies, but uses force to make
things happen. Awesome Power, Unlimited Funds. The bill to the American
taxpayer is enormous. With almost unlimited funds at its disposal and a huge
army of manpower in its employ, the power and influence of the C.I.A. in the
world at large is awesome and frightening indeed. Neither Congress nor the
president really knows how many billions are spent each year by this powerful
secret police agency. Nor are they aware of what capers or machinations they
are engaged in. All this is cloaked under the guise of “secrecy,” “national
security,” “protecting our agents.” The C.I.A. is completely beyond the control
of either the courts, congress or the executive branch. In fact, the visible
members of the government are themselves frightened of, and very much at the
mercy of the C.I.A.
A Criminal Army.
Nor are there any limits to the tactics in which the C.I.A. may engage.
Assassination, planting false propaganda, lying, stealing, murder, betrayal,
planning revolutions, and “dirty tricks” of any nature are all in their routine
arsenal of promoting the Jewish program. Nor is that all. Setting up dummy
corporations, false political movements, printing a temporary newspaper,
rigging elections, supporting political candidates and movements, destroying
others, all of this is also part of their bag of tricks.
Operate on American soil also.
Nor are their operations limited to foreign soil. Any American citizen who is
loyal to his country, or is for the White Race, or wants to expose the Jewish
conspiracy, or is anticommunist, is fair game for the powerful and treacherous
C.I.A. right here in our home territory. This they do in perfect collaboration
with the F.B.I. Hand in glove with each other they will infiltrate domestic
organizations, political parties and build up or destroy any group, faction or
individual they see fit.
Tool of the Jews.
What they see fit is always in the best interests of the Jews and towards the
destruction of the White Race. Before we leave the subject of intelligence there
are a few other arms of Jewish spying that I must bring to light at this point.
Mind police.
Since the Jews for the last several thousand years have been carrying on the
most vicious conspiracy in history, namely the destruction and take-over of all
other peoples— they have been fanatic to the point of being paranoid about
spying and gathering information on their enemies. And this is understandable.
Since the hideous crime they are perpetrating is all based on secrecy and deceit,
holding the lid on their conspiracy is a highly precarious business.
So they frantically enter into all kinds of devices, spy organizations and means
of gathering intelligence that would stagger the limits of the Gentile mind. The
Jews not only want to know what their enemies (everybody is their enemy) are
doing, they also want to know what they might be planning. In fact, as far as is
possible they want to know what everybody is thinking before such thinking
might be translated into action.
Network of spy games.
So they have all kinds of spy and intelligence networks operating throughout
the world. Besides the C.I.A., the F.B.I., the Russian K.G.B. and others already
mentioned there are two more that I want to point out, one in America, the
other in Israel. The A.D.L. The A.D.L., short for Anti-Defamation League, is in
America. Ostensibly, it pretends to safeguard Jewish interests and prevent the
spread of “anti-Semitism.” Why the Jews should find this necessary when the
English, the Germans, the Italians or other ethnic groups find such safeguards
unnecessary, they have never explained. But in reality the A.D.L. is much,
much more than that. Presumably an offshoot of the Jewish B’nai B’rith, it is
really the main powerhouse of this Jewish outfit. In reality it is a powerful, well
financed spy operation inside our own borders that not only gathers
information on politicians, civic organizations, diverse individuals, but on
anything and everything that they so much as even suspect might blow the lid
on the Jewish conspiracy. They have huge files and electronic computers that
rival the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. itself, and any information the F.B.I. or C.I.A.
might have that is considered useful to the A.D.L. is readily fed to the latter.
Censorship Operation.
The A.D.L.’s activities extend much further. They are extremely active in
politics— promoting those useful to the Jews and destroying those that might
be deemed uncooperative. They also monitor all books, magazines,
newspapers, all news media, movements or whatever— anything that might
effect the Jewish conspiracy— and this includes just about everything of any
significance that happens in this country.
Plant Propaganda.
They aggressively invent, if necessary, news stories and plant them into the
mainstream of the news media— T.V., newspapers, etc. They not only publish
a great number of articles for dissemination, but they also publish a large
number of books that are either favorable to Israel and the Jews or viciously
attack their enemies.
The Mossad, super Spy network. The other Jew spy organization that is of
major worldwide importance is the one headquartered in Israel. It is known as
the Mossad. It is the central Jewish intelligence gathering apparatus for the
entire world. It is the super-supra spy network of all history.
Anything the American C.I.A. knows that is useful to the Jews (just about
everything) is funneled to the Mossad. Everything the Russian K.G.B. knows
that is useful is funneled to the Mossad. Likewise with the intelligence
gathering apparatus in Germany, France, Italy and throughout the world, it is
all funneled to the Mossad. There is hardly anything of significance that
happens anywhere in the world but what it is shortly catalogued in the massive
computers of the Mossad in Israel.
Deadly criminals.
But the Mossad goes much further than just spying and gathering intelligence
from all over the world. Like the A.D.L., it is virulently aggressive and
continually on the offensive. It has well trained assassination squads that run
rampant in most of the countries of the world, especially the United States. It
sets up paramilitary organizations like the Jewish Defense League, or Jewish
gun clubs trained to skillfully kill Gentiles. The members of Mossad have the
run of the United States with little or no opposition from “our own” law
enforcement agencies while they tap telephones, bug embassies, foreign
diplomats, even the White House and any and every branch of the United
States government. In short, not only the United States but the whole world is
their undisputed territory, and the White Man, (their main victim) not only
gives them no opposition, but pays the bill and hardly knows they exist.
Runs Rampant over World Governments.
Undoubtedly the Mossad is the most dangerous, cruel and blood-thirsty gang of
international criminals the world has ever known, running rampant and
roughshod over all laws and governments throughout the world, with little or
no opposition. Like the C.I.A., it is world-wide and parallels many of its
operations with this difference: Whereas the C.I.A. is headquartered in the
United States, the Mossad is headquartered in Israel; whereas the C.I.A. is
manned by a mixture of Jews and Gentiles, the Mossad is all Jewish; whereas
the C.I.A. freely shares its information with Mossad, the latter gives nothing to
the C.I.A. It is strictly a one-way street, all leading to exclusive Jewish
supremacy and tyranny over the “goy” of the world.
* * * * *
Before we leave this foul conspiracy of Russia, Israel, Jews and the U.S.
government, there are two other aspects of this satanic combination that I must
Foreign Aid to Everybody.
One is the issue of America dispensing foreign aid (taxpayers’ money) to every
sleazy panhandler in the world. At present I understand that we are handing out
foreign aid to 116 countries in the world.
This is one of the most insane pieces of piracy ever imposed upon any group of
taxpayers in the history of the world. The American taxpayers have never had
an opportunity to vote or express their opinion upon this blatant piece of
thievery, but this continues year after year. For 35 years the American
taxpayers have been bled white, and at this time there is no indication that it
will ever stop or even lessen. Supposedly to Bribe Countries out of
Communism. The gimmick in this whole fraudulent swindle is this: It was
inaugurated as the Marshall Plan to keep countries from “going communist.”
Its noble objective seemed to be to fight communism. In other words we tried
to bribe them, to buy them off, to wheedle them out of communism with cash,
thereby supposedly winning friends for our side. That supposedly, was the idea,
we were told. Actually we are Subsidizing Communism. The realities were
somewhat different. Actually we were propping up faltering communist
countries, including the big one, Russia. Before World War II was even
concluded we shipped over 13 billion dollars worth of domestic goodies,
including tractors, refrigerators and what have you. If we were trying to fight
communism, why subsidize them?
Hostile to Anti-Communist Countries.
In practice we were subsidizing communism, not fighting it. We used our
tremendous wealth as a club to push countries into communism. We used it as
a wedge to get our C.I.A. into their midst and maneuver their politics in such a
way that the Jews and the communists would sooner or later gain control. In
countries such as Chile where they did throw the communists out on their own
(no thanks to the U.S. government) we would bear down hard on them, boycott
them (as also in Rhodesia) and use economic pressure to get them back into the
Jewish fold.
U.S. Betrays Friends, Rewards Enemies.
As a result of all this fantastic give-away amounting to hundreds of billions of
dollars, most of the countries of the world have completely lost respect for
America. They intensely distrust us and never have we been hated so much by
so many. And for good reason. The United States (controlled by Jews) has
repeatedly practiced treachery, to both its own people and its foreign friends. It
has consistently betrayed and punished its friends (such as Rhodesia, Somoza,
Batista, Chile, etc.) and generously rewarded its communist “enemies”. No
wonder the rest of the world distrusts and despises the United States.
Germany under Military Occupation.
The other matter is the keeping of American occupational forces in Germany
for the interminable period of 35 years after the defeat of a former enemy,
something the United States has never done before in its history. This, too, is a
gigantic swindle. We supposedly have the troops there to “protect” Germany
from a Russian onslaught.
The fact is Germany could have protected itself very well from communist
Russia, and would have cleaned out that foul nest of vipers in the early 40’s
had we not interfered.
Real Reason:
To Protect the Jews. The real reason our troops have been kept in Germany
these 35 years and undoubtedly will remain another 35 years is to keep the
German people subdued so they will not revive the Hitler movement and again
turn on the Jews. In short, our troops are there for the sole purpose of
protecting the Jews from the Germans and preventing the Germans from setting
up a government of their own choice. Yes, that is the real and only reason, not
to protect Germany from Communist Russia.
* * * * *
Artificial Bandit State.
Now we come to that other nest of vipers, the bandit state of Israel itself. This
artificial monstrosity owes its very existence to the combined money power of
International Jewry, the C.I.A., the news media and the facade known as the
“United States” government.
Total Parasite.
We must remember that Jews are total parasites and do not really want to live
in a country of their own. Parasites cannot live off of each other and must live
on a productive host. For this reason Jews do not want to, and could not even if
they did want to, live in a country of their own. For thousands of years they,
more than anyone else, have had ample opportunity to get together and build a
country of their own. They never have wanted to and they never will. They
remain eternally what they always have been— parasites.
Reasons for Set-up.
So why did they go to such great pains to steal Palestine from the Arabs and set
up this artificial monstrosity called Israel?
The reasons are manifold, all designed to aid and abet the Jewish program for
the take-over of the world.
1. Probably the most important reason was to Bolster and Unify the sagging
ideology of the Jewish rank and file. So successful and so affluent have the
recent generations of Jews become that many of the younger Jews were
fraternizing with and marrying Gentiles. We must remember that enmity,
hatred and struggle have historically been the foundation that built the Jewish
race and religion into the solid battering ram that has brought them the
phenomenal success that they now flaunt. In too much success can also be the
seed-bed of its own disintegration.
With Zionism, the Israeli “Homeland” and the struggle to defend and expand
Israel the Jewish people have created new enemies and thereby regained a
tremendous boost of fervor and solidarity that has seemingly “confirmed” their
religious myths and turned them into a tangible reality.
2. Israel was designed to become the center of World Government. It is their
plan to move the United Nations to Jerusalem and rule the world from Zion.
“The law shall go out from Zion.” It is their intent to rule the goyim from
“Zion” where they can do so without any interference from alien surveillance
or disturbances.
3. Having “Israel” and Jerusalem as their home base has given a religious and
mystical quality to their movement of taking over the world. It convinces many
of their own people as well as millions of goy yokels that “God” is on their side
and that the Jews are “God’s chosen people.” This is what is called a selffulfilling
prophecy which the Jews have been shrewd enough to turn into real
power and into billions of dollars and cents.
4. It provides a safe and unmolested haven for that murderous supra
intelligence agency, the Mossad, which we have already described.
5. There are a number of other reasons that have been advanced such as (a) the
tremendous wealth of precious minerals contained in the murky waters of the
Dead Sea, (b) the Jews (with the help of United States power) will expand and
take over the Arab lands and rich oil fields of the Persian Gulf, (c) it is a place
of refuge if world conditions become too hostile for the Jews, (d) other minor
It is my opinion that the first four reasons stated are by far the most important
and the fifth category is comparatively minor, especially No. 5 (c) that it could
be a refuge in a crisis. The fact remains that the Jews will always be a deadly
parasite on the backs of the productive nations of the world, or they will be
nothing. Once they are driven from power in the White nations of the world
their whole power structure will rapidly collapse. Israel will rapidly collapse
with it. In fact, the Arabs themselves would soon make short shrift of the bandit
state of Israel as soon as the Jews lose their grip on the control centers of the
White nations of the world, especially the United States.
Israel short lived without subsidization. The plain fact is that inside Israel itself
there is turmoil, dissension, hatred and disintegration. The Jews have not
proved they could build a nation of their own, or live with themselves. On the
contrary, without the continual financial blood transfusions from Germany, the
United States and other “goyim” countries, Israel couldn’t last six months.
Even with all this tremendous aid from the outside it has one of the highest
rates of inflation in the world.
The United States alone in 1979 subsidized Israel to the tune of $10,000 per
family of four in Israel. On top of that Germany is paying reparations for the
phony “holocaust” to the tune of a billion dollars a year. The Jews in New
York, Miami Beach and elsewhere raise $300 million each year for “Israeli
bonds” (a swindle) and send it tax free to Israel. Yet despite all this tremendous
outside subsidization Israel the parasite is in a continual turmoil politically and
in a precarious and faltering financial situation, a true parasite with no future of
its own.
* * * * *
Summary. In summation we can safely conclude:
1. That Communism, Marxism and Zionism combine with capitalism to
accomplish one and the same goal— the Jewish take-over of the world.
2. That the United States is not fighting Communism, but on the contrary, is
firmly in the grip of the Jewish network using the wealth, power and prestige of
the United States to betray and take over one country after another, all in the
sham battle of “fighting Communism.”
3. The C.I.A. and the F.B.I. are both the Secret police and the strong arm of the
Jewish network. Never, never trust their agents nor collaborate with them in
any way.
4. We need not look to Russia as the real enemy of the United States. The
Russian people would like to get the Jewish-Communist monkey off their back
as much as anybody and would have succeeded long ago if it had not been for
the machinations of the United States. The real enemy resides right here in our
own country, especially in New York and Washington.
5. Only by rallying the total power of the White Race and organizing it under a
powerful racial religion such as CREATIVITY can we ever hope to break the
back of the Jewish Marxist-Communist-Zionist tyranny.

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