Thursday, September 29, 2011

13. Exposing The Jews: Jewish Control Of The U.S. Government

This was under the Clinton Administration. George W. Bush, being a born
again Christian and so pro-Israel has more:
When he was first elected, Bill Clinton promised the American people that the
makeup of his administration would mirror the face of America. In truth, it
mirrors the face of Israel. Even though the Jews only make up 2.9% of the
country's population, an astounding 56% of all of Clinton's appointments have
been Jews, some of whom are listed below:
Karen Adler - Presidential Liaison to Jewish Community
Madeleine Albright - Ambassador to the United Nations
Jane Alexander - Endowment for the Arts
Roger Altman - Deputy to Secretary of the Treasury
Zoe Baird (Gerwitz) - Asst. National Security Advisor
Samuel Berger - Deputy Head of National Security
Robert Boorstin - Spokesman on Health Care
Keith Boykin - Communications Aide
David Dreyer - Communications Aide
Stuart Eisenstat - Asst. Secretary of State for Security
Jeff Eller - Communictions Aide
Tom Epstein - Special Assistant to the President
Judith Feder - Advisor to Secretary of Health
Hershel Gober - Asst. Secretary for Veterans' Affairs
Stanley Greenburg - President's Pollster
Mandy Grunwald - Press Conferences Consultant
Morton Halperin - Asst. Secretary of Defense
Margaret Hamburg - Deputy Head of Aids Dept
Alexis Herman - Secretary to President for Public Works
Phillip Heymann - Deputy Attorney General
Martin Indyk - Dir. of Mid. East Affairs for Nat. Sec. Council
Mickey Kantor - U.S. Trade Representative
Steve Kessler - Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration
Ron Klain - Third White House Counsel
Madeleine Kunin - Deputy Sec. of Education
David Kusnet - Communications Aide
Anthony Lake - Chief Advisor for National Security
Arthur Levitt, Jr. - Chairman Securities and Exchange Comm.
Eugene Ludwig - Director of the Mint
Ira Magaziner - Chief Advisor to the President
David Mixner - Special Liaison to Gay-Lesbian Community
Frank Newman - Asst. Secretary of State for Finance
Bernard Nussbaum - White House Counsel
Stephen Oxman - Asst. Secretary of State for Europe
Howard Paster - Pres. Secretary for Congress
Emanuel Rahm - Pres. Secretary for Political Affairs
Robert Reich - Secretary of Labor
Alice Rivlin - Deputy Budget Director
Robert Rubin - Treasury Secretary
Richard Schifter - U.S. Ambassador to Israel
Eli Segal - Director, Office of National Service
Ricki Seidman - Communications Aide
Robert Shapiro - Economic Advisor
Joan Edelman Spero - Asst. Sec. of State for Economic Affairs
Lawrence Summers - Asst. Sec. of State for Policy
Peter Tarnoff - Asst. Sec. of State for Political Affairs
Laura Tyson - Head, Council of Economic Advisors
Michael Waldman - Communications Aide
Walter Zelman - Special Deputy for Health Policy
Undoubtedly, some of these names have changed by now, but the Jewish
character of the Clinton administration remains. The Jews are represented
twenty times their population (2.9%). Can or should we Gentiles feel
comfortable having such Jewish dominance over "our" government? In
addition, the difference between the Clinton administration and other
administrations (such as Bush's, Reagan's, Carter's, Ford's, etc.) is one of
degree rather than kind. For example, let us take a quick look at some of the
Jews in the Gerald Ford administration:
Henry Kissinger - Secretary of State (This fucker sold us out in Viet
James Schlesinger - Secretary of Defense
John Simon - Secretary of Treasury
Caspar Weinberger - Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
Arthur Burns - Chairman of Federal Reserve
(Bernstein) - Ford's Financial Advisor
Board Seidman - Federal Insurance Advisor
Bernstein - Press Secretary
Ron Nessen - Speechwriter
Friedman - Head of Economic Council
Alan Greenspan - Attorney General
Levy - Betty Ford's Secretary
The Jews have held key positions for decades, twisting both America's foreign
policy as well as its domestic policy to meet their ends and the ends of Israel.
Having control of our government is certainly in keeping with the teachings of
the Talmud--that the Jews be the masters and the Goyim (Gentiles) be the
[What better way to enslave another people than to cut them off from their God
and destroy their past? Yeah, keep people away from Satan at all costs, because
Satan shows us we are not slaves! Our True Creator God Satan was replaced
with "YHVH" which is nothing more than a system of Jewish magick and that
fictitious Jewish circumcised on the eighth day in the temple by a rabbi
Nazarene that was based upon some 18 Pagan Gods who hung from a tree.]
The fact that America gives more financial aid to Israel than any other nation in
the world is proof positive that America's foreign policy is directed onto a
Jewish path. It is little wonder then why much of the Arab world hates
America. After all, would we befriend a nation which gives billions to our
national foes?

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