Thursday, September 29, 2011

12. Exposing The Jews: How Much Israel Costs The American Tax-Payers Alone

Here is another excerpt from an article- this is in addition to the billions upon
billions of free dollars the Jewish community has coerced Germany into paying
on account of that phoney "holocaust":
According to a recent article in the New York Times, American taxpayers have
given over $77 billion to the Jewish nation of Israel since 1967. This huge
giveaway program of the American government actually amounts to about
$16,500 for every Jew (man, woman, and child) in the nation. Much of this
money comes as a result of the activities of the American Israel Public Affairs
Committee, which is the largest of the 80 odd Jewish lobbies in Washington.
These lobbies are interested in getting congressmen and senators elected that
will continue Israel's favored nation status with the U.S. Government. For
example, gifts to potential candidates for the 1989-1990 election amounted to
$8 million according to Federal Election Commission reports. As a result of
these bribes, Israel has been successful in obtaining approximately $10 billion
dollars in aid last year alone. The U.S. government has virtually no say in how
this money is spent. Any attempt to monitor the cash gifts is taken as an insult
by the Israeli government which claims that as a sovereign nation, we should
keep our hands off its internal affairs. Our hands have only one purpose--giving
them more money.
This one tiny nation of only four million people alone receives approximately
one third of our foreign aid, and while foreign aid is actually decreasing to
some central America and African nations, aid to Israel is on the steady rise.
The chart above shows the amount of military and economic aid that has been
given to Israel since Israel was carved out of Arab land in 1948. The sections
shown in black are loans and the sections shown in white are gifts. The chart
does not list other types of foreign aid such as aid for transportation, education,
health services, etc.

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