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11. Exposing The Jews: Saul Of Tarsus And The Jewish Origins Of Christianity

The following are excerpts from the "White Man’s Bible" and "Nature's
Eternal Religion" both written by Ben Klassen. Though written from an atheist
perspective, one can readily see truths concerning the hoax of Christianity. The
trouble is, atheists are unaware of psychic powers and how they can be used to
make people fall for this lie:
About 100 B.C. a small Jewish sect, called the Essenes, originated around the
area of the Dead Sea. This sect promoted ideas of self-debasement that were
highly suicidal to those who embraced this creed. Toward the end of the first
century C.E. this teaching evolved into Christianity, but still a purely Jewish
cult. It was regarded as a subversive and destructive movement by the
mainstream of the Jewish leaders and was opposed and persecuted by them.
Among the persecutors of the Christian cult was one Saul of Tarsus, a Jew,
who later became Christianity’s St. Paul. One day while persecuting (Jewish)
Christians, he conceived the brilliant idea of humbling and destroying the
mighty Roman Empire by selling this suicidal creed, Christianity, to the
This idea was the most significant turning point in history. No plague, series of
plagues, wars, or disasters during the next two thousand years has wreaked
more horrible calamity on the White Race of the world than what happened
next. So well did Saul of Tarsus do his job that he was soon joined and backed
by the entire Jewish network in selling these suicidal teachings to the Romans.
The Jews went about it with a vengeance, feeding the Romans such idiotic and
self destructive ideas as “love your enemies”, “turn the other cheek”, “sell all
thou hast and give it to the poor”, “resist not evil”, “judge not” and much other
suicidal advice.
[To add to this, the Jews kept the ancient knowledge of mind power and energy
manipulation and used this to further push the ludicrous xian ideas on the
gentile peoples, while all of the time working to remove this knowledge from
the gentile populace and cut us off from our Gods. The Nazarene was invented
to distract and nothing more. People put their faith in the idea of salvation
through the Nazarene while forfeiting all of their own powers. Through
generations, the Gentile soul has been stripped of all psychic power while those
Jews and their Catholic/Jesuit gentile stooges at the top have kept theirs and the
ancient knowledge that enables them to use these powers to enslave the
Christ Never Existed.
Jesus Christ did not invent or found Christianity. All evidence that can be
gleaned from a scholarly examination of authentic history points to an obvious
conclusion: there never was any Jesus Christ roaming about in 30 A.D. or
thereabouts teaching a new religion. The whole story was invented and
concocted much later. It was patched together out of fables, myths, bits and
pieces of other religions, until finally they had a movement going that pulled in
the Roman Emperor Constantine. It was this Roman Emperor, who had the
mind of a criminal, (he murdered his own wife and son, and thousands of
others) who in the year 313 A.D. really put Christianity into business. The
Romans, who had always been extremely tolerant to all religions, were now
told by an edict of Emperor Constantine that Christianity was now the supreme
religion of the empire to the exclusion of all others.
The beginning of the Christian era found Rome near the height of her
civilization. Her supremacy, in the then known world, was pretty much
unchallenged and it was the beginning of a long period of peace. To be
specific, Pax Romana (Roman Peace) lasted approximately 200 years
beginning with the reign of Caesar Augustus. Rome was highly literate, there
were many great writers, scholars, historians, sculptors and painters, not to
mention other outstanding men of philosophy and learning. Yet it is highly
strange that despite the great commotion and fanfare that supposedly heralded
the birth of Christ and also his crucifixion (according to the bible), we find not
a single historian nor a single writer of the era who found time to tale note of it
in their writings. Outside of the fabricated biblical writings, no Roman
historian, no Roman writer, and no Roman play-writer, has left the slightest
hint that he had the faintest awareness that this supposedly greatest of all greats
was in their very midst and preaching what is claimed the greatest of all the
new gospels. Whereas Caesar left voluminous writings that are still extant
today and can be studied by our high school boys and girls, Christ himself, who
had supposedly the greatest message to deliver to posterity that the world has
ever known, left not the slightest scrap of paper on which he had written a
single word. This, in fact, the biblical literature itself confirms and mentions
only that once he did write in the sand.
Today we can still study Cicero;s great orations and writings. He has left over
800 letters behind that we can study to this day. We can study whole books of
what Marcus Aurelius wrote, we can study what Aristotle wrote, what Plato
wrote, and scores of others wrote that were contemporary with the first
beginning of the Christian era, or preceded it. But strangely there is not a word
that is in writing that can be attributed to Jesus Christ himself. Furthermore, the
Greeks and the Romans of that era, and even previously and afterwards, had
developed the art of sculpturing to a fine state.
We can find busts of Cicero, of Caesar, Of Marcus Aurelius and innumerable
other Greek and Roman dignitaries and lesser lights, but nor one seemed to
think it important enough to sculpture a likeness of Jesus Christ. And the
reason undoubtedly is there was none to model at the time. There were
undoubtedly numerous skilled artists and painters at that time, but again
strangely enough none took the time or the interest to paint a likeness of this
purportedly greatest of all teachers, who in fact was proclaimed the "Son of
God" come to earth. But no painting was ever made of this man, who, we are
told, gathered great multitudes around him and caused great consternation and
fear even to King Herod of Judea himself. Now all of this is very, very strange,
when, if, as the Bible claims, the birth of Jesus Christ was ushered in with great
fanfare and great proclamations. Angels proclaimed his birth. An exceedingly
bright star pointed to his place of birth. In Matthew 2:3, it says, "When Herod,
the king, had heard of these things he was troubled and all Jerusalem with
him." We can hardly gather from this that no one was aware of the fact that the
King of the Jews, the great Messiah, was born, for we are told in the preceding
verse that the Wise Men came to King Herod himself saying, "Where is he that
is born King of the Jews, for we have seen his star in the East and we are come
to worship him." Evidently the event was even lit up with a bright star from
In any case, King Herod, we are told in Matthew 3, was so worried that he sent
the Wise Men to Bethlehem to search diligently for the young child to bring it
to him so he undoubtedly could have him put to death. As the story further
unfolds we learn that Joseph heard of this and quietly slipped out in the night
taking with him his wife, the young child and a donkey and departed for Egypt.
When Herod found out that he had been tricked it says that he "was
exceedingly wroth and sent forth and slew all children that were in Bethlehem,
and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under." Now this is a
tremendously drastic act for a King to take, that is, to have murdered all the
children in the land that were under two years of age. Again we can hardly say
that the birth of Jesus was unheralded, unannounced and unobserved, according
to the story in the bible. However, it is very, very strange that this act of Herod,
as drastic and criminally harsh as it is, is nowhere else recorded in the histories
or writings of any of the other numerous writers of the times. All we have is the
claims of those people who wrote the New Testament. In fact, whoever wrote
the New Testament invented so many claims that are inconsistent with the facts
that they even made a rather glaring error by pulling King Herod into the story.
History tells us that in the year 1 C.E. When Christ was supposedly born,
Herod had already been dead for four years. He could hardly been disturbed or
very wroth about the birth of anybody in the year 1 C.E. There is further great
evidence that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John never wrote any of those chapters
that are supposedly attributed to them.
What historical evidence can be dug up reveals that they were written much
later, not at the time that Jesus supposedly said all those things, but somewhere
around 30 to 50 years later by a person or persons unknown. Furthermore,
when we compare the first four books of the gospel with each other, which
supposedly tell more or less the same story, we find that they contradict each
other in so many details that one need only read them for himself to pick them
out. I neither have the time, the space, not the inclination to go into all these
contradictions. They are too numerous.
Still No Bible at 300 C.E.
At this time the Christian movement, although purportedly nearly 300 years
old, still did not have a written text or “Bible.” Under the powerful and
dictatorial direction of Emperor Constantine a convocation of church fathers
was called at Nicaea, a town in Asia Minor. At this meeting a number of scripts
and writings were dragged together and a heated controversy ensued over a
period of several months. Many writings were considered, discussed, argued
over, and reviewed. Some were revised, some were rewritten, some were
rejected. The final package that emerged from the Council of Nicaea was what
was called the New Testament, a contradictory, demented conglomeration of
far-out nonsense. To it was patched the Jewish “Old Testament.” The Christian
movement now had a “Bible,” with Constantine as final arbiter. When the
gathered bishops would or could not agree, he would threaten to bring in his
army, which was standing by outside, to enforce compliance. Ready to Crush
All Opposition. Constantine exercised the full powers of his position,
financially, militarily and in terms of legal enforcement to now promote
Christianity and crush all opposition. Christianity was now on its way.
Jews Concocted Christianity.
Where did the ideas of Christianity come from? The Jews, who were scattered
throughout the Roman Empire, have been Master Mind-manipulators of other
peoples from the earliest beginnings of their history. They have always been at
war with the host peoples they have infested like a parasite. When during the
Jewish Wars of 68-70 C.E., Rome put down the Jewish rebellion in Judea and
leveled Jerusalem to the ground, the Jews were thirsting for revenge. They
were looking for a way to destroy Rome, the Roman race and its total empire.
They had tried military opposition and failed miserably, being no match for the
superlative Romans. They looked for an alternative— mind manipulation
through religion— and they found the right creed in a relatively unimportant
religious sect called the Essenes.
Nevertheless, the evidence is overwhelming that these ideas long preceded the
Christian era and it was not Christ who came out with them but a Jewish sect
called the Essenes who lived on the border of the Dead Sea. It was they who
had already evolved the ideas contained in the Sermon on the Mount but have
been attributed to Christ. Not only had they evolved the same ideas as set forth
in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but the wording, the phraseology and the
sentences were the same and they preceded the supposed time of the Sermon
on the Mount by anywhere from 50 to 150 years.
The Essenes were a Jewish religious group living in approximately the first
century BCE And the first century CE We have important sources of their
contemporary writings in the historian Josephus and also in the philosopher
Philo. They are also mentioned by various other Roman and Greek writers of
those times in which their religious teachings are revealed in considerable
detail. However, in the last twenty years the thousands of Dead Sea Scrolls,
many of which were written by the Essenes themselves, reveal a tremendous
amount of insight into their religious teachings, and above all, reveal that they
preceded and preempted the Sermon on the Mount word for word, so that the
so-called "new" teachings of a figure supposedly appearing from heaven in the
year 1 C.E., and preaching during the years 3- to 33 C.E. were neither original
nor were they new. Furthermore, we learn that the Essenes were notable for
their communistic society, their extreme piety and purity and their practice of
They possessed all their worldly goods in common and looked upon private
property as an evil which might divert them from sanctity. They engaged in
agriculture and handicrafts, considering these occupations less sinful than
others. They also practiced baptism, and this practice preceded the Christian
era by at least one hundred. So the Christian apostles can hardly be credited
with having instituted the ritual of baptism, as is claimed.
Why, the average reader might ask, haven't we been told more about the
Essenes if they were the original practitioners of Christianity? There are two
good and overriding answers for that. The Christians on their part, although the
early Christian fathers were well aware of the Essene teachings and writings,
took every measure possible to destroy them and purge them from circulation.
The reason being they did not want their presence known because it would
undermine their dogma that Christ was the originator of the New teaching. It
would make impossible the claim that this was a great new revelation sent forth
by God himself amid the hosannas and singing of angels. The Jews, on the
other hand, did not want to reveal the presence of the Essenes because they
wish to completely hide any connection between the Jews and the new
religious teaching that they were about to administer unto the Gentiles.
They even went to great lengths to appear hostile to it. Before I go further into
the highly illuminating and highly interesting Dead Sea Scrolls I want to make
just one further point that is that the original manuscripts on which the New
Testament supposedly based is always alluded to being translated from the
"Original Greek." Since the New Testament repeats over and over again and
again that Paul spoke to his flock in Jewish and that Jesus spoke in Jewish and
that the Apostles were Jewish, why, then, is it that the manuscripts were all in
Greek? The historical facts add up to this : the Jewish hierarchy and
undoubtedly the whole conspiracy was well coordinated and had many, many
members and co-workers.
It was not written at the time of Christ at all, but the movement was given great
promotion by the combined efforts of the Jewish nation. As they organized and
promoted their ideas further, these were reduced to writing considerably later
than the years 30 to 33 C.E. when Christ supposedly came out with these
startlingly and "new" revelations. The conclusions are that they were written by
Jewish persons whose identity we shall never know and were written by
collectively by many authors, were revised from time to time and not only in
their original formation and formulation but have been revised time and time
again throughout the centuries to become more effective and persuasive
propaganda. However, we want to go further into the teachings of the Essenes
and who they were and why their particular teachings were pounced upon by
the Jews to be formulated into a well distilled poisonous brew and then fed to
the Gentiles.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, which are more numerous and much more revealing
than the Jewish press of today has informed us tell us much about the teachings
and the life of the Essenes. One of the important things that they tell us about
the Essenes is that they vanished from the face of the earth after about two
centuries of existence and the termination date being somewhere around the
year 100 C.E. They were, needless to say, only a very small sect of the Jewish
tribes and not a part of the Jewish conspiracy as such. Being outside of the
mainstream of Jewish activity and thought, the Jews nevertheless observed
from them that this kind of teaching could ruin and destroy a people. The Jews,
looking for a way to destroy the Roman nation, who in the year 70 C.E. had
destroyed and leveled Jerusalem to the ground, noted well what these teachings
were and decided to perpetuate them on the Romans.
Essenism was really a revolutionary new form of social order, an ideal
cooperative commonwealth in miniature. Instead of the Messiah, the ideal of
the Essenes was the "Teacher of Righteousness." They established a new
cooperative communitarian brotherhood and they were the first religious
society to establish and observe the sacraments of baptism and the Eucharistic
Furthermore, the "Teacher of Righteousness" as promulgated by the Essenes
may not have been the first pacifist in history, but he was the first to implement
his pacifist theories with an overall practical measure, which if generally
adopted, would abolish war. This, of course, was a wonderful religion for the
Jews to sell to the Romans, for if they convert the Romans into submissive
pacifists they could certainly soon thereafter dominate them in full. And this
they did.
The Essenes lived in the area of Qumran near the Dead Sea and according to
Philo, the Jewish Philosopher and writer contemporary of that age, "the Essene
brotherhood would not allow the manufacture of any weapons or allow within
their community any maker of arrows, spears, swords or any manufacture of
engines of war, nor any man occupied with a military avocation, or even with
peaceful practices which might easily be converted to mischief." Not only does
Philo tell us about the Essenes, but also Josephus and Pliny, both contemporary
historians, tell us much about the Essenes. As mentioned before, much is
emerging also from the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The overriding fact that
emerges from the study of the writings of the historians of that time and the
Dead Sea Scrolls is this tremendously significant fact:
Namely that the beliefs, teachings, and practices attributed to Jesus
Christ,although not exactly identical in all respects with those of the Essene
school, were nevertheless, closer to those of the Essenes than to those of the
Bishops of the Ecumenical Council which determined the Nicene Creed of
orthodox Christianity.
So we can come to the obvious conclusion that the Christian beliefs and
doctrines as supposedly enunciated by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount did
not originate at all at that time but at least 100 years earlier from a Jewish sect
called the Essenes living near the Dead Sea; that the Elders of Sanhedrin
recognized this teaching as being deadly and suicidal; that they further took this
doctrine and distilled and refined it into a working creed; the Jews then, with a
great deal of energy and tremendous amounts of propaganda (in which they
excel), promoted and distributed this poisonous doctrine among the Romans.
Setting this creed down in writing in what is now called the New Testament
evolved over the next several centuries.
It was written by persons unknown to us today but undoubtedly of Jewish
origin. Furthermore, to give it a mystical and heavenly sent deification, they
invented the person of Jesus Christ, and claimed that he was the "Son of God".
Then, having laid the ground work for this new church, they consolidated that
power at a meeting in Nicene, where the creation of the new church was
solidified, the creed formalized and given official sanctification. Thus, in short,
was launched the new church and the new religion of "Jesus Christ" which was
fabricated out of thin air.
Not a single trace of the Jesus Christ personage can be found in authentic
history. Nevertheless, this newly fabricated hoax of Jesus Christ, the Son of
God this idea, with all its suicidal doctrines, was soon to pull down in ruins the
great Roman Empire and the great White civilization that went with it. Never
again did the White Race shake off the control if the Jews. Never again did the
White Man regain control of his own thinking, of his own religion, his own
finances, nor his own government. Unto this day the White Race has not
regained control of its own destiny.
Death of the Romans.
We all know what happened to the Romans shortly after they were “converted”
to Christianity. With their instincts deadened and their thinking perverted into
worrying about the spooks in the sky instead of struggling for their own
survival and advancement, they soon shrank into oblivion. They faded from the
scene of history. They paid the penalty of allowing themselves to be
mongrelized and not recognizing their eternal enemy, the Jew.
Such are the consequences of not recognizing your enemy, and, of course, you
can’t defend yourself against an enemy you can’t, or won’t, recognize.
The Jewish-Christian bible is a mass of contradictions that has something to
say positively and negatively on all sides of every issue. It is like a musical
instrument— you can play on it any tune you choose. By picking out those
particular passages that suit your argument and ignoring all other passages that
contradict it, you can have God and the bible on your side to back up your
argument, any argument, whatever it may be. As the Jews have often pointed
out, they always first enlist the aid of the stupid preachers to help spread their
corrosive ideas. The passages that were now emphasized were that “we are all
God’s children”, that “we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord”, that “we all
have a soul”, that Jesus came to “save all sinners”, and a lot of similar drivel.
[The Jews are masters of argument. They capitalize in teaching argument
tactics to their young in their Yeshivas (Jewish religious schools.]
Infiltration of the Jews.
At about this time Rome itself was infiltrated by an alien people that were to
prove more deadly, more treacherous and more tenacious than the
Carthaginians. According to a Jewish Encyclopedia, the first accounts of
Jewish settlement in Rome date to 139 B.C.E., but they undoubtedly were there
much earlier. It states that Rome is the oldest continuous Jewish settlement in
the world. Unlike the Carthaginians, the Jews were not a military threat, but
more like an internal disease or virus, they undermined and sickened the whole
body politic, culturally, economically, religiously, morally and racially.
Jews had Racial Religion. The answer to the question is this: the Jews then, as
now, possessed a strong racial religion, and they have rallied around their
religion with race as the core, for the last five thousand years. We have already
studied the importance of a racial religion in the previous chapter and will have
more to say about this in subsequent chapters. In their rebellion against the
Romans, the Jews were utterly devastated militarily. They realized that they
could never match the Romans in a contest of arms.
But they had a number of other factors going for them. Unlike Carthage they
were not congregated in a specific geographic area. In fact, they were dispersed
all over the Roman world, specializing even then in the slave trade, in finance,
and feeding on the trade routes. Then as now, they covered all the nerve centers
of power. The dispersion out of Jerusalem and Judea did not weaken but only
reinforced the Jewish infection on the lifelines of the Roman Empire.
Planned Revenge.
Collectively they planned revenge on the Romans, for whom they harbored an
intense and pathological hatred. In fact, the Jews always hate that which is best
in the Aryan Race and instinctively set about to destroy the best.
Since the Jews knew they had no chance of destroying the Romans militarily,
they conspired to use their most powerful weapon— mind manipulation, and
they chose religion as the vehicle to do it with.
The Christian Churches.
Every creed and tenet that Christianity has espoused for the last 17 centuries
has influenced our thinking towards down-breeding of our race. Christianity
continuously and perpetually agitates against the fit and the competent and
directs our interest and sympathy towards helping the halt, the lame, the blind,
the poor in spirit, the morons and the idiots, by such teachings as “Blessed are
the poor in spirit” (morons); “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the
earth.” The very idea that we are all equal in the eyes of an imaginary spook is
just another re-hash of the old Jewish equalitarian hoax all over again and must
inevitably lead to race-mixing.
The White Man’s Innate Tendency towards Compassion is the Achilles heel
that has been his own worst enemy ever since Jewish Christianity conquered
and destroyed the Romans. Whereas every other species in Nature instinctively
rejects and culls out the misfits, the White Race stupidly does just the opposite.
Ancient Greeks Practiced Eugenics. The idea of eugenics is not new. The
Spartans of ancient Greece back in the fifth century B.C.E. were already aware
of it and practiced much of what we are proposing today.
Jews Supreme Racists.
Whereas all this race-mixing propaganda is aimed at the [Gentiles], the Jews
push a completely opposite line to their own people. The Jews being yellow
Semites, being racially aware and fanatically loyal to their own, preach racial
aloofness to their own people. Through their synagogues, through their own
Jewish press, through the thousands of exclusively Jewish organizations they
warn strongly against inter-racial marriages, against inter-faith marriages. No
Race-Mixing for Jews. In short, the Jew, while viciously promoting the
bastardization of the White Race, fervidly guards his own against it. In Israel
anyone not born of a Jewish mother is a goy, a non-Jew, an outsider, and can’t
be married or buried in Israel, nor can they become a citizen or enjoy any of the
other civil rights of a born Jew. Racial solidarity is the order of the day,
whether a Jew lives in Israel or anywhere else in the world.
The Jew carries the alien reptilian gene through the mother which is recessive.
The gargoyle like features of Jewish celebrities Rodney Dangerfield, Larry
King, Bela Abzug, Don Rickles and many others are obvious. To be accepted
among orthodox (knowing jews), one must have a jewish mother. The Genes
do not match up and the Jewish people are plagued by a host of rare diseases
such as "Tay Sachs," Berger's Disease, multiple sclerosis, and many others.
The Jews themselves even admit there is a common gene they can all be traced
to. LINK
Mind police.
Since the Jews for the last several thousand years have been carrying on the
most vicious conspiracy in history, namely the destruction and take-over of all
other peoples— they have been fanatic to the point of being paranoid about
spying and gathering information on their enemies. And this is understandable.
Since the hideous crime they are perpetrating is all based on secrecy and deceit,
holding the lid on their conspiracy is a highly precarious business. So they
frantically enter into all kinds of devices, spy organizations and means of
gathering intelligence that would stagger the limits of the Gentile mind. The
Jews not only want to know what their enemies (everybody is their enemy) are
doing, they also want to know what they might be planning. In fact, as far as is
possible they want to know what everybody is thinking before such thinking
might be translated into action.
The A.D.L.
The A.D.L., short for Anti-Defamation League, is in America. Ostensibly, it
pretends to safeguard Jewish interests and prevent the spread of “anti-
Semitism.” Why the Jews should find this necessary when the English, the
Germans, the Italians or other ethnic groups find such safeguards unnecessary,
they have never explained. But in reality the A.D.L. is much, much more than
that. Presumably an offshoot of the Jewish B’nai B’rith, it is really the main
powerhouse of this Jewish outfit.
In reality it is a powerful, well financed spy operation inside our own borders
that not only gathers information on politicians, civic organizations, diverse
individuals, but on anything and everything that they so much as even suspect
might blow the lid on the Jewish conspiracy. They have huge files and
electronic computers that rival the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. itself, and any
information the F.B.I. or C.I.A. might have that is considered useful to the
A.D.L. is readily fed to the latter.
Censorship Operation.
The A.D.L.’s activities extend much further. They are extremely active in
politics— promoting those useful to the Jews and destroying those that might
be deemed uncooperative. They also monitor all books, magazines,
newspapers, all news media, movements or whatever— anything that might
effect the Jewish conspiracy— and this includes just about everything of any
significance that happens in this country. Plant Propaganda. They aggressively
invent, if necessary, news stories and plant them into the mainstream of the
news media— T.V., newspapers, etc. They not only publish a great number of
articles for dissemination, but they also publish a large number of books that
are either favorable to Israel and the Jews or viciously attack their enemies.

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